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Sen. Amanda Chase Claims Her Official “Senator Amanda Chase” Facebook Page Is Actually a “Friends of Amanda Chase” Page. WTF?


Virginia State Sen. Amanda “I Call My Revolver My Little Equal Rights Amendment” Chase (R-) is at it again. Fresh off of grossly exaggerating and possibly outright lying about her nasty behavior to Virginia Capitol Police, Chase is now redefining (see screen shots, below) what clearly appears to be her OFFICIAL Facebook page (entitled “Senator Amanda Chase” – with an official-looking check mark after it) to “Friends of Amanda Chase.” The goal, clearly, is to be able to restrict free speech on Sen. Chase’s official Facebook page. Why would Chase want to do this? Because, clearly, she doesn’t like being criticized for her extreme, bigoted (e.g., anti-LGBTQ) stances. The problem, other than the dishonesty, is that Elected officials cannot silence critics on social media, appeals court rules (“A platform has been created in which the government can’t allow the voices it likes and silence the ones it doesn’t like”). Also, gotta love how Sen. Chase values the 2nd amendment far more than she values the 1st amendment to the U.S. constitution…


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