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Who Is Mark Obenshain Serving? — The Issue of a Livable Wage


In a previous piece I posted here in mid-April, I explained how — in my campaign against Mark Obenshain in SD-26 — I’m going after Republican voters. (In a district so heavily Republican, there’s no way a Democrat can win without persuading a goodly number of Republicans to vote for her.)

My ad campaign, I indicated, is organized around the theme, “Who Is Mark Obenshain Serving?” My purpose is to persuade the readers, Obenshain is not serving you, but other masters.

I believe that message gives me the best chance of prying Republican voters loose. It’s true. It’s important. And it also shows Obenshain to be typical of today’s Republican Party in pretending to be the champions of the people who elect them while actually serving the interests of Big Money — often at the expense of the people he relies on for his power.

I’m developing this theme with a whole series of ads, each dealing with a different issue.

The ad I shared with you in that April posting dealt with the critical issue of Health Care. Today I want to show you the ad on “The Issue of a Livable Wage,” tackling Obenshain’s boasting about his role in preventing a raise in the minimum wage in Virginia.

Here’s that ad:

(click to enlarge)

Next time I’ll show the ad we’re running to expose Obenshain’s “Right-to-Work Con.”

These ads — in newspapers so far, with radio ads coming in also in the months ahead — take money. So your donation would be much appreciated.

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