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Falls Church City Democrats Issue Statement in Support of U.S. House Resolution Condemning Trump’s Racist Comments


by Cindy

The Falls Church City Democratic Committee voted last Wednesday to issue the following statement affirming its belief in having a community that welcomes all and its support for US House Resolution 489, and thanking Congressman Don Beyer for voting yea. The Committee asked the Falls Church City Republican Committee to co-sign the letter, but did not receive a reply.

Virginia is home to people of countless different backgrounds; people come to settle in Virginia from all over the world, including El Salvador, India, Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, and elsewhere. We treasure our diversity, not only for the social, cultural, and artistic contributions it brings, but also for how it stimulates our economic, scientific, and technological growth. We cherish having friends and neighbors with different backgrounds, attending multicultural schools and workplaces, and sharing our cultures with one another.

By design, American patriotism is not a feature of birthplace, family background, or ethnicity. Patriotism is only a feature of pride in this country—not as a perfect model, but as a nation and a people that strive to achieve “liberty and justice for all.” Patriots, whether born here or abroad, work to make their communities better. They volunteer, they work in local or national government, they serve in the military, and they run for office.

We believe in a Virginia where everyone is welcome. Whether you’re a new American, an aspiring American, or a descendant of 5 or 50 generations of Americans, we are glad you’ve chosen to make your home in Virginia, and we hope you will always find Virginia—and America—a welcoming place.

Therefore we, the Falls Church City Democratic Committee, affirm the words of US House Resolution 489, and thank our Congressman Don Beyer for voting to pass it.


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