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Is There Any Justification for Mueller’s Withholding?


Please tell me, am I missing something?

Is there any legitimate and compelling reason — justification — for Mueller testifying as he did in so constricted a fashion, going out of his way not even to read from his own report, really seeking to minimize his impact?

Would it have violated some necessary code or set of rules for him to have been more forthcoming?

Was there any good reason why he should say that he accepts the kind of gag order that Barr’s DOJ wanted to put on him?

Would/Did Jaworski and/or Kenneth Starr show similar restraint?

If Mueller’s various deputies had been asked the kinds of questions Mueller was asked, would they have been just as withholding (“check the Report,” rather than reading from his work, as requested).

Am I missing something, believing the answer to all those questions is, “No”?

Am I right that Mueller could have served much better his nation’s need at this moment without crossing any boundaries he was required to respect?

If I’m wrong, just what are those boundaries?

If I’m right — if he was free to have spoken more fully, helped the American people know important truth — then how are we to understand Mueller’s having imposed on himself such a muzzle?

How are we to understand who this guy is?*


*What can it mean that he would refuse to be the one to read from his own Report, other than that he wanted to deprive the people trying to hold Trump accountable from a sound bite that could be used to educate the American people about what the Mueller Report — that very few Americans will ever actually read — has to say?

Why would Mueller frequently just refer questioners to the Report, when the whole purpose of public hearings is to overcome the limitations of ink on paper, at over 400 pages, in reaching the American people– millions of people he now had a chance to convey his findings?

What with Barr and Trump having worked so hard and so successfully to prevent the American people from understanding what the Report actually shows, why would Mueller NOT want to help make sure that his actual findings get through?


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