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Sen. Mark Warner, Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA08) React to Trump’s “Completely Crazy” Comments About Wind Power


How batshit crazy, embarrassingly ignorant, and virulently anti-environment is Donald Trump? Check out the following video, with reactions by Sen. Mark Warner and Rep. Don Beyer, about how Trump’s comments are “completely crazy,” “just not true,” etc.

For the record, the world’s 8th-largest bank (BNP-Paribas) – not exactly leftist or a bunch of “tree huggers” or whatever – says that:

“for the same capital outlay today, new wind and solar-energy projects in tandem with battery electric vehicles (EVs)* will produce 6x-7x more useful energy at the wheels than will oil at $60/bbl for gasoline-powered LDVs, and 3x-4x more than will oil at $60/bbl for LDVs running on diesel… the economics of oil for gasoline and diesel vehicles versus wind- and solar-powered EVs are now in relentless and irreversible decline, with far-reaching implications for both policymakers and the oil majors.”

And, according to the world’s largest independent investment bank (Lazard), we’re seeing:

“a continued decline in the cost of generating electricity from alternative energy technologies, especially utility-scale solar and wind. In some scenarios, alternative energy costs have decreased to the point that they are now at or below the marginal cost of conventional generation.


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