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Video: Del. Nick Freitas (R-HD30) Screws Up, Fails to Get on Ballot, Blames…”Partisanship,”Two Ralph Northam Appointees in Richmond”

Note that Freitas does NOT blame himself or note that the Board of Elections also allowed REPUBLICAN Terry Kilgore back on the ballot.


See below for video of Del. Nick Freitas (R-HD30) whining – as Virginia Political Memes puts it – that “there is a vast, left wing conspiracy fueled by ⁦@GovernorVA⁩ keeping me off the ballot—NOT me shitting the bed with the paperwork.”

In fact, as we discussed here, Freitas is not on the ballot because his campaign and legislative district chair screwed up, sending required forms to an email that’s no longer “good anymore” (as Freitas put it), and with nobody calling to make sure the State Board of Elections had received these required forms. Brilliant, huh? Also note that in the Code of Virginia, it says “A candidate who has been disqualified for failing to meet the filing requirements of Article 1 (§ 24.2-500 et seq.) of this chapter shall not be renominated.” So yeah, that’s a bit more than a “technicality,” as Freitas claims.

Fortunately, Democrat Ann Ridgeway – who is highly competent, responsible, and of course got her paperwork in on time – is poised to take HD30 away from incompetent, take-no-personal-responsibility (in the party that’s supposedly all about personal responsibility; how ironic) Freitas.

P.S. Regarding a possible write-in campaign by Freitas, which he vows to wage if the Board of Elections doesn’t let him back on the ballot, I’m trying to find out how voter intent is interpreted, such as whether a ballot is considered valid if a voter misspells his name as “Freetas” or “Frietas” or “Fritos” or whatever.

P.P.S. I’m told that, contrary to the Freitas video, all decisions of the State Board so far, rather than being made by two “Northam appointees” as Freitas claims, actually have been unanimous — concurred in by the Republican member, former Delegate John O’Bannon of Henrico County.


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