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“It’s so shameful.” Entire Elected GOP Leadership of Virginia County Indicted


A grand jury has returned indictments against the entire elected leadership of Warren County ‘amid an ongoing probe into the Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority

“Fourteen individuals were charged by the grand jury with misdemeanors, two counts of misfeasance and a count of nonfeasance, Virginia State Police said Tuesday, due to their “knowledge of and inaction of the EDA’s mismanagement of funds.””

From that RTD article:

A grand jury has indicted all of Warren County’s top government officials on charges of misfeasance …

Among the 14 people charged were County Executive Douglas Stanley and all five members of the county’s Board of Supervisors: Chairman Daniel Murray, R-North River; Tony Carter, R-Happy Creek; Tom Sayre, R-Shenandoah; Archie Fox, R-Fork; and Linda Glavis, R-South River. Former Warren schools Superintendent Luke Drescher and former County Attorney Daniel Whitten also were charged.

That is a lot of Rs …

Of course, we (still) live in a nation where one is innocent until proven guilty but this does seem a reasonable multi-alarm situation of ‘where there’s smoke, there might be fire’.  Also from the RTD piece:

“Somebody is finally listening,” said Melanie Salins, a member of a community watchdog group called the Warren County Coalition. “It’s not every day that your entire government gets arrested. It’s so shameful.”


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