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Del. Mark Levine Analyzes the Whistleblower Complaint: “Clear quid pro quo…Clear involvement of Mike Pence,” Critical “Barr be quickly impeached and convicted as well”

"Impeach Donald Trump. Remove this stain from the Oval Office."


Virginia Del. Mark Levine (D-Alexandria/Arlington) nails it on the whistleblower complaint.

The whistleblower complaint:

1) Clear quid pro quo. Ukraine understood it had to make up lies about Biden to get protection against Russia and a state visit to the USA (which was important to convince Putin not to invade Ukraine further). Ukraine did not know how to deal with Trump’s corrupt asks, as they were stuck between the promise to avoid corruption and the need to protect the country from Russia.

2) Clear overwhelming illegal involvement of Rudy Giuliani. It will be nice to see him in an orange jumpsuit.

3) Clear involvement of Mike Pence (!) who was told not to visit Ukraine until Zelenskyy “played ball” by pursuing bogus Biden investigation

4) Clear violation of intelligence procedures — which is why it clearly IS relevant to intelligence — as political considerations caused the White House to break the law about storage of Presidential phone call with Ukraine to store it in a more secure place so as to cover up Presidential illegality. This apparently is NOT the only time this has been done.

5) Quid pro quo not just on on Ukrainian aid but on Ukrainian state visit.

6) US Ambassador to Ukraine tried to stop Trump’s illegal corruption and was fired for it.

7) Not in complaint but still important to consider:

a) Attorney General Barr knew he was part of Trump scheme with Ukraine;

b) Barr knew that Trump was flagrantly illegally committing multiple felony counts in trying to rig the election by soliciting foreign help to make the bonus Biden claim;

c) Barr took it upon himself — with no special counsel and with the help of Russian-oligarch lawyer and head of the Justice Department’s criminal division Brian Benczkowski — to dismiss the claims of Trump’s illegal actions and cover them up in a matter of weeks with no investigation;

d) It is critical to the safety and security of the United States that Barr be quickly impeached and convicted as well. Or he must resign. We cannot have the nation’s top law-enforcement officer also be an unindicted co-conspirator to the President’s treasonous betrayal of the United States

8) Not in complaint but still important to consider:
This conduct by the President gave aid and comfort to our enemy Russia and therefore is “treason” as defined in the United States Constitution. Article III, Section 3. It does not matter whether Trump committed treason in order to help Putin or merely to help himself. Treason is treason.

This is just the beginning, of course. But it’s extremely clear that Nixon never did anything close to as unpatriotic, treasonous, illegal, corrupt, and wretched as this…

Finish the investigation quickly.
Impeach Donald Trump.
Remove this stain from the Oval Office.

(And if any elected official defends this treasonous conduct, that official must be booted out of office at the next election.)


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