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Video: Does Anyone Know What the Hell Far-Right Fairfax School Board Member’s Babbling About Now?

She's supposedly "bullied mercilessly"; also something about the Holocaust, a Muslim kid in biology class...wuuuut?


What on earth is far-right Fairfax County School Board member Elizabeth Schultz babbling about this time? Check out the audio, below, for her latest ravings, this time to something called the “Prince William & Manassas Family Alliance.” Also, for a bit more background on Schultz, see Audio: On Sebastian Gorka Show, Far-Right Fairfax County School Board Member Rants About “Radicals Who Believe in Identity Politics”; Complains, “We Can No Longer Have a Eurocentric History”; also Fairfax County School Board Member to Speak at Anti-LGBT Hate Group Event and Latest Tweets by Fairfax Far-Right School Board Member Feature Fidel, Florence Henderson with Laser Beams, etc.

With that, here are Schultz’s latest remarks…bolding added by me for emphasis.

  • “…Whether it’s [Family Life Education – FLE] content or history curriculum or English curriculum or anything else, the people who wind up most disadvantaged are actually poor, non-English-speaking parents…Do you think that the parents who are immigrants to this country, who may have a certain ethnic or cultural or religious set of values, that they are able to access the content that’s difficult for my husband and I [sic] to navigate…are they as aware of what’s going on and able to help their children learn, help them to discern what they’re learning within the context of their values, of their religion of their upbringing?…If the parents don’t even understand what their children are learning…”
  • I’m telling you as a school board member I am bullied; I am bullied mercilessly as a school board member, and I’m an adult who can stand up for myself.”
  • If you are a ninth grader in biology who is a Muslim girl or a 10th grader in a history class who has great grandparents who were from the Holocaust, do you think that you have the ability to stand up there and say ‘no’ to a teacher or say ‘that’s not right that you’re teaching me that’ or that you’re delimiting my ability to offer my side of it? The school boards are not demanding both sides of an issue be presented...Why would minor children be able to advocate any better for themselves in a classroom with peer pressure, teacher pressure, administrative pressure, all driven by a school board that is not on your side?”

Wuuuuut?  Who knows, but one thing’s for sure – if you live in the Springfield district of Fairfax County, make sure you vote for Democratic School Board nominee Laura Jane Cohen on November 5th!



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