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Video: On Infamous Extremist Laura Ingraham’s Show Last Night, Fairfax and Loudoun GOP Candidates for Commonwealth’s Attorney Rant About George Soros, Criminal Justice Reform


Before we get into the appalling appearance by the Loudoun County and Fairfax County Republican nominees for Commonwealth’s Attorney on Laura Ingraham’s show last night, here are just a few highlights to demonstrate how heinous Ingraham is, and why nobody should ever go on her show.

Again, this is just a very, VERY short list, as there are a million more examples of Ingraham’s extremism, bigotry, etc. So why on earth would the Republican nominees for Fairfax and Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Jonathan Fahey and Nicole Wittmann, go on Ingraham’s show? Basically, it appears, because their strategy – with just nine days until election day – is to appeal to their far-right “base.” Oh yeah, and also to engage in some demonization of George Soros.

And yes, yet again, just as Cindy laid out the other day in her piece, More Anti-Semitic Tropes, This Time in Fairfax Commonwealths Attorney Race, on Laura Ingraham’s show last night the talk was about how Soros supposedly is “buying elections…putting a lot of money into these local races…he’s not concerned with…whether mothers are murdered or children are raped…he is buying puppets to who he is putting into office to push his agenda.” Also throw in some bashing of Philadelphia and Chicago, which just happen to be cities with large communities of color, and there you have it – Ingraham’s noxious “Angle” on the world, one that Republican-endorsed Jonathan Fahey and Nicole Wittmann appear to be in strong agreement with. Let’s just hope that on 11/5, the voters of Fairfax and Loudoun soundly reject this entire worldview, by voting for Democrats Steve Descano in Fairfax and Buta Biberaj in Loudoun County.


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