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Audio: State Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Rips Senate Republicans as “Bozos,” “Clown Show”


Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase (R-SD11), who quit the Senate GOP caucus – which she called “broken and ineffective” – back in November, is continuing to rip away at Senate Minority Leader Tommy Norment (R) et al. Yesterday, for instance, she spoke on the Senate floor, charging that her removal from two of her committees was due to a “Pay-to-Play” system, specifically “lobbyists who pay through back channels the positions of the legislators.” Then, this morning, Chase appeared on Trumpster radio (“The John Fredericks Show”) to continue tearing away at the Senate GOP caucus. According to Chase:

“I am still a Republican. I am more of a Republican than some of my Republican colleagues, to be honest with you. If you look at the Republican Creed, you look at my voting record…and as deemed by the Virginia Tea Party, which I have the highest score in the Virginia Senate…received a reward at CPAC for being the most conservative, the highest score in the legislature back in 2018. I’m the one that’s getting kicked out of a caucus because I’m being principled. And I’m saying, look you guys, you bozos; I’m sorry, but bozos, this is a clown show. I’m not gonna sit under a leader [Tommy Norment] who has…a history a voting record of supporting anti Second Amendment legislation…The members of the Republican caucus continue to allow him to sit there instead of stepping up and being a leader. I would have accepted any other leader but the current leadership…you know when you lose elections and you don’t challenge the other party in so many seats, there are so many open Democrat [sic] seats that went unchallenged…”

Haha, more popcorn please? Hot butter too?  LOL


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