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National Journal: How Much Trouble is Denver Riggleman in?

4/25 nominating convention will be held at Tree of Life Church, Bob Good’s home church


From the DCCC:

National Journal: How Much Trouble is Denver Riggleman in? 

Denver Riggleman is headed towards a tough general election in November. If he makes it out of the GOP nominating convention first, that is.

After barely scraping together a majority on the fourth ballot of the 2018 Republican nominating convention, Riggleman is now facing open revolt within his own party.

We’ll break it down for you:

  • Riggleman has already been censured by one county committee while the GOP district committee debated censuring him too.
  • The Republican committee also announced they would hold the nominating convention at the Tree of Life, the home church of Riggleman’s primary challenger, Bob Good. And now, it seems that members of that same committee have all but endorsed Good.
  • The National Journal reports that FEC filings show four members of the district committee donated to Good, with no such donations appearing on Riggleman’s filings.

How much trouble is Denver Riggleman in? It sure seems like a lot.


  • “Now some of his local Republican peers are backing his primary opponent, Campbell County Supervisor Bob Good, who was ‘recruited by a number’ of people in leadership positions throughout the district, according to Roll Call.  Four members of the 5th District Republican committee have donated to Good in the last several months, according to the Federal Election Commission. Riggleman has not received itemized donations from any of the committee members.”
  • ” Riggleman secured the party’s nomination on a chaotic fourth-ballot vote over the more conservative Cynthia Dunbar.”
  • “But local officials have since expressed regret over his stance on LGBT protections and civil rights. With more time to prepare and a less chaotic atmosphere, the committee wants more control over the process, Riggleman said.”
  • “The nominating convention, scheduled for April 25, will be held at Tree of Life Church, Good’s home church, giving the primary challenger another advantage.”
  • “‘There’s a reason the Democratic Party controls Virginia right now, and it’s because we have a process like this that takes away individual liberties,’ Riggleman said.”

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