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Message to the Undecided Virginia Democratic Primary Voter: An Argument for Mike Bloomberg


by Bruce Wiljanen; Arlington, Virginia

To the undecided Democratic primary voter:

What a trip this has been so far, and it seems we are only getting started! Will Bernie succeed in capturing 50% plus one of the delegates and proceed to lead the party down an unfamiliar road toward socialism (however reluctantly)? Or will Joe soon revive from his semi-comatose state to bind us together in agreement that the past is the future again? And the reasonable voices of Amy and Pete simply haven’t resonated loud enough to be heard over Elizabeth’s countless plans. How are we going to find our way out of this maze?

I think we are looking for a manager; someone with the ability to pull all of the pieces of our group together and to focus on the only goal that matters – removing the orange man from office in November! A winning team has many diversified players; maybe a superstar, many good scorers and defenders, and lots of specialists who excel in their roles. But championship teams also have an experienced and proven manager, a leader whose attention is purely on winning the game at hand, and especially prevailing over the season. I believe we have that manager ready for us in Mike Bloomberg.

Mike has proven himself a team leader by focusing exclusively on attacking the human and policy failures of the current administration. He has proven his commitment through his ongoing initiatives to fight gun violence, reduce pollution from coal-fired energy plants, and support increased educational opportunity and affordable housing availability. Mike has proven his management skills by leading the nation’s largest city back to prosperity after the disaster of 911.

In these difficult times, the Democratic Party needs a skilled manager and a proven leader, one who will do everything it takes, and even more, to remove Trump from office. I am urging you to vote tomorrow to make Mike Bloomberg our candidate for President. This is an election cannot afford to lose!

Most Sincerely,

Bruce Wiljanen
Arlington, Virginia


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