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Why on Earth Is Mountain Valley Pipeline Construction Considered “Essential Infrastructure” During COVID-19 Crisis?


See below for a letter, dated today (March 25), from Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  Basically, I have no problem with governors deeming *existing* energy infrastructure as “essential” during the COVID-19 crisis, because we certainly don’t want to see energy supplies cut off suddenly in the midst of a crisis, or anytime actually.

What I *do* have a problem with, though – and a big one, actually – is considering *new* gas pipeline construction as “essential.” I mean, it’s really galling, given that so many other businesses – including ones that are net positives to society – have had to shut down, while a business focused on building more of what we know is harming the environment, contributing to pollution and the climate crisis, etc., gets an exemption because it’s supposedly “essential.” Other than there being a lot of money tied up in the Mountain Valley Pipeline project, what on earth is “essential” about building more dirty, destructive, likely-to-be-economically-“stranded”-in-a-few-years, fracked-gas distribution capacity? Answer: nothing I’m aware of. To the contrary, what’s actually *essential* is getting *off* of fossil fuels and transitioning to a 100% clean energy economy ASAP. Perhaps governors should be focused on *that* instead of protecting wealthy, politically well-connected fossil fuel companies during this crisis?!?

P.S. Also, check out and consider signing the petition, “Protect Rural Areas from Covid-19 spread though pipeline mancamps”.



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