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Video: VA GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Says “Yelling COVID-19, COVID-19, COVID-19” is “Psychological Terrorism”

Also says that those who issue stay-at-home or mask orders are "a domestic enemy"


On May 17, I highlighted the fact that a far-right group had given two Virginia Republican U.S. Senate candidates their seal of approval, while only giving one other candidate (Thomas Speciale) a “Somewhat Conservative” score, despite the fact that he’s hard-right all the way. For some more elaboration on that point, see here.Also, see the following video by Speciale from yesterday, in which he has some, er, “interesting” things to say. For instance:

  • Is it the same thing to be yelling COVID-19, COVID-19, COVID-19, everybody’s going to die? When none of the science actually backs that up, and it’s totally not as good as infectious as they said and it’s not as deadly as they said and we haven’t lost 2 million people. Isn’t that the same thing? Isn’t that the same thing as yelling fire in a crowded theater. You know, it’s not just fear-mongering. It’s actually psychological terrorism. It is actually terrorizing the American people. And it’s terrorism because you’re trying to achieve a political objective.”
  • “…right now, I would argue we have a domestic enemy. People have heard me say it. These people [who issue stay-at-home and/or mask orders] have revealed themselves to be our enemy. They are the enemy of liberty. They are perfectly fine with ordering people to wear masks or ordering people to stay home or ordering people not to play football on the beach. And they’re fine with that. They are completely disassociated from the origin of our country.”
  • “…I hate the idea of being a politician. But after, you know, events in 2016, most importantly the Pulse Nightclub shooting when the Democrats just lost their minds, I decided to get involved and take action.”
  • “Let me start this way, and many people have already heard me say this when Donald Trump said he was being spied on in 2016 because of what I do in the intelligence community and what I’ve done in the intelligence community for 10 years, I knew immediately that he was being spied upon. And I knew why. I knew, even then, in 2016, it was a counterintelligence investigation because he’s an American citizen, a businessman with global business relationships in foreign countries like Russia, Middle East everywhere –  and he’s running for US president. And there’s probably all kinds of like dirt and fake dirt out there on him. So, so I knew that that was true from the beginning.”
  •  “I’m very disappointed in my only real opponent in this race Daniel Gade. I am very disappointed in him as a military officer because I think he has fallen under the influence of the establishment, and as a result of that he has made decisions that I think are detrimental and antithetical to our conservative values. Um, you know, Daniel likes to talk about, you know, there’s this group and this group and this group and he wants to make them into a fist. OK? There’s really only two tribes in Virginia. There’s only two tribes. There’s the establishment machine Republican tribe these are the big establishment donors, the big establishment politicians, the big establishment machine that profiteers off of campaigns. That’s what they do. They make money off of political campaigns. That’s why they will say you’re not a legitimate candidate unless you have millions and millions and millions of dollars because they make money off of those millions and millions and millions of dollars. And then they’re going to get an office and they’re not To do anything they said they were going to do. The other tribe is the Trump tribe. And thank God for Trump. Everybody out there should know by now I’m 110 percent behind Trump.” 

All this is “out there,” of course, and also a reminder to make sure that Sen. Mark Warner wins reelection overwhelmingly this November!


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