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After Bob Good Rejects Debate Offer, Cameron Webb Campaign Calls on Good to Participate in Debates and Face Voters


See below for a press release from the Cameron Webb for VA05 campaign about far-right Republican Bob Good’s latest shenanigans. Note that Good has a long history of attempting to avoid accountability from voters, including rigging the VA-05 GOP nomination process by avoiding a primary and, instead, pushing a “drive-thru convention in the parking lot of the church where Good happens to worship.” For “The Case Against Bob Good,” see here. For Blue Virginia’s interview with Cameron Webb, who would make a superb Congressman, see here.

Charlottesville, VA — Yesterday evening, Bob Good declined an offer from CBS 19 and Piedmont Valley Community College to debate Dr. Cameron Webb as part of the 2020 campaign for the Virginia 5th congressional seat. The Webb campaign accepted the offer and urges Bob Good to reconsider his decision to prioritize his own political interests over those of the people of Virginia-05.

Now, more than ever, debates are a critical opportunity for voters to hear from the candidates directly. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, voters have far fewer opportunities to connect with the candidates, hear directly from them, and challenge them on their positions. By refusing to debate, Bob Good is trying to hide his radical and out-of-touch policy views from voters.

“As candidates to represent the people of Virginia’s 5th district, we owe them the opportunity to hear from us directly. A political strategy rooted in avoiding voters demonstrates a lack of accountability that we need less of in Washington, not more” said Dr. Cameron Webb. “I hope Bob Good reconsiders, but regardless of his decision, I look forward to taking every opportunity to engage with the Virginians in our district about the issues that matter most.”

Bob Good, and any candidate for public office, must face voters and answer tough questions about the issues that will affect people’s everyday lives. Clearly, Bob Good is unable or unwilling to do so. The people of Virginia’s 5th congressional district deserve better. Bob Good must step up, face the voters, and agree to debate Dr. Webb.


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