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#FlashbackFreitas: Del. Freitas Votes Against Background Checks For Daycare Providers, Jeopardizes Safety Of Central Virginia Kids & Families


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

#FlashbackFreitas: Delegate Freitas votes against background checks for daycare providers, jeopardizes safety of central Virginia kids & families

Richmond, VA — Virginians know that Delegate Nick Freitas can be forgetful. That’s why it’s useful to remind him of his previous extreme stances, statements, and votes. 

Today’s reminder? In 2017, Delegate Freitas was one of just 21 legislators who voted against bipartisan legislation to require fingerprint background checks for licensed daycare providers. 

Ahead of the vote, a Virginia newspaper editorial called the legislation a “matter of public safety and protecting children.”

“During COVID-19, we’re reminded of how important it is to elect leaders who prioritize the safety of our families. Delegate Freitas’ terrible record on children’s safety, and his willingness to break with both Republicans and Democrats and vote against keeping kids safe at daycare, should raise major red flags for every parent in the Seventh District. Freitas is constantly trying to win the ‘most extreme person in the room’ contest, and votes like this are just another sign he’ll do anything to impress his extreme out of state donors,” said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox.

Delegate Freitas has a poor track record of protecting the safety of Central Virginia children and families, including during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Over Labor Day weekend, Delegate Freitas praised President Trump’s response to COVID-19. But just days later, audio revealed President Trump admitting to intentionally downplaying the safety threat of COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic. 

And just last Thursday, Delegate Freitas joined a small group of Republicans who voted for a resolution pushing hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19. 65 delegates — Democrats and Republicans — voted against the measure. Despite Trump’s insistence the drug is a “game changer,” the FDA has warned against the use of the drug, and researchers have broadly not found it effective in treating COVID-19. 



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