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2021 VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase Falsely Claims Indigenous People’s Day “a fraud pushed by pseudo-communists intent on destroying our country!”

Chase: this holiday is the first step towards the "end goal" of "forced land transfers backed by the might of the government!" WTF?!?


See below for the latest, unhinged tirade from far-right extreme State Senator Amanda Chase, a candidate for the Virginia GOP’s 2021 gubernatorial nomination, as well as some, uh, “highlights.” This time, Chase – who has previously ranted about defending “WHITE HISTORY,” whatever the hell that is – is now *outraged* that there’s such a thing as Indigenous People’s Day here in Virginia (proclaimed by Gov. Northam this past Friday).  Check it out, and keep in mind that – as usual – almost everything Chase says is untrue, massively distorted, etc.

Oh, and don’t forget, assuming our democracy survives until 2021, we’re scheduled to hold elections next year in Virginia for governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and the entire House of Delegates — and it’s actually possible that this raving, extremist nutjob could be at the top of the Republicans’ statewide ticket (or she could run as an independent candidate). So no, this year’s elections are far from the end of our fight with the type of mentality demonstrated by the Trumps, Ken Cuccinellis, Corey Stewarts, and Amanda Chases of the world. In fact, that fight never really ends…so stay informed and engaged!

  • “Northam and the liberal Democrats abolishes another pillar of our great nation in order to kowtow to the Socialist/Antifa Left.”
  • “When I am governor- I will abolish Indigenous Peoples’ Day and, on October 12 2022, celebrate both Columbus and America on the lawn of the Governor’s mansion!”
  • “Indigenous People’s Day was first proposed by a left-wing Native American gathering in 1977,” the ‘true goal’ of which was ‘to destroy the United States and give all of our land to Native Americans.'”
  • “According to the left-wing founders of Indigenous People’s Day Americans must forfeit the land our ancestors fought and died for and built into the greatest nation on Earth all because of white guilt.”
  • Chase claims that what happened to Native Americans was NOT genocide; in fact, she argues, “the only genocide the US has participated in started in 1973 when the Supreme Court allowed babies to be slaughtered in utero after the Roe v Wade court decision.”
  • “Indigenous People’s Day is a fraud pushed by pseudo-communists intent on destroying our country!”
  • “…the goal of those controlling useful idiots like Ralph Northam and Joe Biden is to remake our country into a socialist nightmare. To achieve their goal, they will attempt to indoctrinate our children from cradle to grave in white guilt and critical race theory. It all starts small because they are playing a long game, first they change a holiday then a committee to ‘study’ an issue like reparations is announced. Their end goal is forced land transfers backed by the might of the government!”
  • “I promise will do everything in my power to ensure that our children inherit a country that is still America and not a pale imitation of the Soviet Union!”


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