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No Good Bob Is No Good For Virginia’s Fifth CDC (Nor the Nation Nor Even VA GOP)


by Adam Siegel

Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District has the eyes of the nation on it, as this Republican-leaning district could become represented by a highly credentialed Professor, Lawyer, and Doctor who has extremely relevant experience from the White House to hospital care of coronavirus patients. In addition, that candidate – Dr. Cameron Webb – has been demonstrating, throughout his campaign, a desire and an ability to reach across the aisle to talk with and represent all his future constituents –  no matter their political affiliation.

The other option?  A man who was unable to file election documents correctly; who failed to obey basic financial disclosure laws (so that people are aware of potential conflicts of interests); who doesn’t even speak with significant portions of his own party, including the incumbent Rep. Denver Riggleman (let alone the other party); who rejects science (climate, coronavirus, etc.) and expertise; who is supported by some of the most radical extremists in American politics; and who focuses his campaign on inflaming, hateful rhetoric rather than presenting thoughtful and substantive concepts for how to tackle the serious challenges the nation — and Fifth District residents — face today.

Truly, in a rational world, No Good Bob Good wouldn’t be on a major party ticket for potential service in the U.S. Congress. Or any office, for that matter.  In sum, No Good Bob has shown himself during this campaign to be

  • No Good at basic paperwork.
  • No Good at following legal requirements of elected officials.
  • No Good at engaging with, learning from, and leveraging expertise to support policy formation
  • No Good at engaging with, learning from, and leveraging the expertise of those not aligned with him ideologically — even from within his own party
  • No Good at focusing on issues that matter.

In the Fifth District, thoughtful voters have it easy.

  • No Good Bob simply doesn’t merit their votes, as he would be No Good in Congress on issue after issue, would be No Good at representing all the Fifth’s citizens, and is even No Good for the Virginia Republican Party.
  • Dr. Cameron Webb, in stark contrast, merits everyone’s support; he would serve the District well, and has clearly shown that he would represent ALL the Fifth’s citizens.

Bottom line: In Virginia’s Fifth CD, the choice is clear:


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