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Video: Right-Wing Republican Jason Miyares Announces Candidacy for AG, Rants Against “Socialism,” “The Radical ‘Defund the Police’ Movement,” “Left-Wing Radicals”


There’s so much idiocy in right-wing Republican Del. Jason Miyares’ announcement for Attorney General, it’s hard to even know where to start. For instance:

  • He says, “my mother’s story reminds me that Socialism is the opposite of the Rule of Law; and how dangerous it is when leaders forget the people they serve.” (Here, Miyares conflates Cuban-style Communist dictatorship with generic “Socialism,” even though they are very different things. Then, he appears to conflate “Socialism” with “liberals” and Democrats in general, which is just willfully stupid.)
  • He claims that Virginia Democrats “even take the side of the radical Defund the Police Movement.” (So…who are these Democrats exactly? Certainly not Gov. Northam, Speaker Filler-Corn, Senate Majority Leader Saslaw, etc, etc. So…who exactly? Oh, right, almost forgot, this is just a straw man for Miyares to take cheap shots at.)
  • He asserts: “We need a conservative Attorney General who will protect the rule of law – and that is not Mark Herring. I’ll defend our constitution – and oppose left-wing radicals who try to get around it.” (Apparently, a clearly confused Miyares meant to say “Ken Cuccinelli” as the Virginia Attorney General who failed to protect the rule of law, and Mark Herring as the Attorney General who very much *has* fought back against the Trump administration’s assaults on the rule of law. Oh, and who are these “left-wing radicals” Miyares is referring to, because they certainly aren’t Virginia Democrats.)

Of course, this is the same guy who got up on the House of Delegates floor earlier this year to rant that Bernie Sanders is “not even a Democrat, [but] is in fact a Marxist apologist socialist.” Miyares also claimed, in his tirade, that Sanders supporters “embrace somebody who has apologized or excused virtually every Marxist regime in modern history.” Uh huh. Miyares is also a right winger in general, who among other things was one of 30 dead-enders who opposed Medicaid expansion when it passed the House of Delegates in 2018.

Anyway, let’s just make damn sure that this guy isn’t elected Attorney General of Virginia next November…


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