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Audio: VA GOP Chair Says Party “Careening” Towards No Primary, No Convention and…Just 72 People on State Central Selecting Its 2021 Statewide Nominees!

Anderson: "I don't see a pathway forward...'Wow', that's the word."


How screwed up is the Republican Party of Virginia? Check out these comments, from this morning on Trumpster radio, by Virginia GOP Chair Rich Anderson, after months of the VA GOP  arguing…and arguing some more over its method of nomination for 2021:

John Fredericks: “What is the deadline where you’re going to say, ‘ok, it’s over, we’re going to go into session…have each candidate come in, and 72 people are going to pick the nominee’…where Trump got 2 million votes [in Virginia in 2016].”

VA GOP Chair Rich Anderson: “And that’s the danger of this game of chicken that’s being played, and it’s what concerns me. On the 23rd of February…that is the day when I…have to notify the Virginia Dept. of Elections our methodology for selecting our candidates – either a state-run process or a party-run process. And if the 23rd of February comes and goes and we cannot tell them what we’re going to do, then that completely eliminates…a primary…it appears that this impasse on the State Central Committee…those votes are not going to be there; maybe there will be a miracle…but right now, on this day, standing in front of my telephone with you, I don’t see a pathway forward…’Wow’, that’s the word.”

Fredericks: “Wow…Rich Anderson, Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia, saying on the air, candidly, there’s no pathway forward…there will be no state-run primary…you’re not going to have the 75% [of the State Central Committee to change the party plan]…so what you’re saying right now is there’s going to be an impasse and the nominee is going to be chosen at a State Central meeting of 72 people. Is that what I heard?”

Anderson: “That’s what we’re careening toward, unless there is some intervening circumstance within the State Central Committee. And I don’t see that, but if it presents itself, I would welcome that dialogue…”

In short, Virginia’s Trumpian GOP is in total disarray, a dumpster fire, with no end in sight…

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