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Former, Two-Term VA Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R): Many GOP Senators Challenging Election Are Doing So For All the Wrong Reasons

Bolling calls it an "abdication of their constitutional responsibility"


Thanks to Virginia political reporter Brandon Jarvis for his “heads up” on this…from former/two-term Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, a conservative Republican by almost any standard, but also in the “sane” and “pro-democracy” categories. The key points:

  • Obviously, “there are not enough votes in the Senate or House of Representatives on January 6th to overturn the vote of the Electoral College.”
  • If the Republicans challenging the legitimacy of the vote have actual, “serious concern” and/or are “expressing their moral conscious,” then that’s one thing. But if their REAL motive is either “personal political opportunity by pandering to President Trump’s base because they want to run for President in 2024” or “are afraid of alienating the base of their own party and possibly facing a primary challenge in their next campaign,” then Bolling is “not fine with that,” calling it (correctly) “an abdication of their constitutional responsibility.” 
  • According to Bolling, he “suspect[s] it is [personal political opportunity and/or fear of a primary challenge] for many of these Senators”

Thanks to former Lt. Governor Bill Bolling (R) for expressing support for our constitution and our democracy, which so many of his fellow Republicans have abandoned recently.


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