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VA Del. Danica Roem Responds to Opponent of Her Afterschool Meals Bill: “When will it stop? When we feed every kid”

Del. Mark Cole (R), who is on the DLCC's "insurrectionist" list, was the only delegate who voted "no"


Yesterday, on a 7-1 vote, the Virginia House Education Pre-K-12 Subcommittee approved Del. Danica Roem’s HB2135, on participation in the Afterschool Meal Program. That one delegate who voted against Del. Danica Roem’s bill to require eligible schools to participate in the federal Afterschool Meals Program?” Not at all surprisingly, it was far-right Republican Mark Cole – on the DLCC’s “insurrectionist” list, who’s been “Doubling Down On Election Conspiracies And Defending Insurrectionists”, who’s been Working Very Hard to Be the Most Far-Right Extreme Member of the Virginia House of Delegates, etc. This guy really needs to be defeated, if at all possible, in November.

P.S. Del. Cole’s lone “no” vote matched the lone lobbyist who spoke against the bill (and bizarrely asked, “When will it stop?”)


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