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Video: As Censure Resolution Moves Forward, Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Challenges “Germaneness,” Breaks Into Tears, Says Mother-In-Law Having Open-Heart Surgery

The current resolution would censure Chase for "conduct unbecoming of a Senator" and "place the member last in seniority"


See below for the latest in the ongoing drama of the Virginia State Senate attempting to censure Sen. Amanda Chase (R) for “conduct unbecoming of a Senator.” As you can see from the resolution (below the videos), that “conduct” includes:

  • “During the COVID-19 pandemic, Senator Chase undermined the seriousness of the pandemic by stating, “‘I don’t do COVID'”
  • “Following the 2020 presidential election, Senator Chase implicated both major political parties in baseless claims of a “stolen” election, asserting, ‘Make no mistake. We are at war. The Democratic Party hijacked our 2020 Presidential Election and [has] committed treason’.”
  • “In the aftermath of the unfortunate events and riots at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, Senator Chase voiced support for those who participated in storming the United States Capitol, calling them ‘[p]atriots who love their country’ and propagating unfounded claims regarding the nature of the events, the identities of those who took part, and the validity of the presidential election.”

So basically, here’s what happened a few minutes ago, per VAPLAN:

  • @SenatorJohnBell offers a floor substitute to his resolution censuring @AmandaChaseVA, which “narrows and simplifies” the resolution. Chase asks body whether it’s germane and asks for a recess.@LGJustinFairfax  asks how long she’d like to recess for. I’m thinking maybe forever?”
  • Five minutes’ discussion given to patron @SenatorJohnBell and to @AmandaChaseVA on whether the substitute to the resolution to censure Chase is germane.”
  • “@LGJustinFairfax finds that the floor substitute to
    @SenatorJohnBell’s censure resolution is germane. Floor substitute adopted. Bell moves to engross (to final vote tmrw).
    @AmandaChaseVA tries to take it by for day, but @SenatorJohnBell objects (needs unanimous consent).”
  • Note that original censure resolution from @SenatorJohnBell only resulted in a censure of @AmandaChaseVA while floor substitute specifies censure PLUS place her last in seniority.”
  • “@MorrisseyForSen argues that @AmandaChaseVA’s motion to take the @SenatorJohnBell censure resolution by for the day should be granted as a courtesy.”
  • “@TommyNorment objects to passing by for day and points out that she did not choose to appear in committee. “She can make the same spurious arguments regardless of when we take this up.”
  • @AmandaChaseVA breaks into tears, claiming her mother in law had open heart surgery today, and she won’t be ready for the vote tomorrow. @SenatorJohnBel is a gentleman and removes his objection, @TommyNorment does same, but specifying out of respect for Sen Bell.”
  • “Kinda have to wonder though why she didn’t ask to take it by for the day and tell this story about her mother-in-law BEFORE all the time spent fighting over the germaneness of the floor sub. You’d think she’d have been too broken up to be able to have done that.”



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