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Video: Former Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA02) Says He’s “Disappointed In My Friend Rob [Wittman]; I Repudiate [His] Vote” Not to Certify the Election Results

Rigell adds that those who assaulted the U.S. Capitol "were not patriots. They were insurrectionists. They were traitors in my view"


The following video *really* illustrates how far right the Republican Party has lurched, even in just the past few years. For those of you who don’t remember him, Scott Rigell (R) was the U.S. Congressman for VA02 from 2011 and 2017. And while conservative, no doubt, Rigell was not extreme or anti-democratic, as many of the current crop of U.S. House Republicans are. For instance, note that Virginia’s current Republican U.S. House members – Rob Wittman (VA01), Bob Good (VA05), Ben Cline (VA06), Morgan Griffith (VA09) – all have supported overturning a free-and-fair election, which would basically mean overturning our democracy. In stark contrast, check out what former Rep. Rigell has to say in the following video…basically, what *every* patriotic American should be saying right now.

  • Those were not patriots, despite their calls and their rhetoric, they were not patriots. They were insurrectionists. They were traitors in my view.”
  • As for Rep. Rob Wittman: “Well, I’m disappointed in my friend Rob. I repudiate their vote, because of the 12th amendment, [which] simply says that the Senate will count and then announce the winner.”
  • As for Sen. Lindsey Graham being four years too late, former Rep. Rigell says “absolutely.” Rigell adds that the GOP has lost the presidency, the Senate and the House, arguing that this is an “existential moment for the Republican Party” and “something that is going to reverberate well into, not just the next month but the next five years.”
  • Finally, the reporter says that Rep. Wittman declined to be interviewed for this story, which as usual, says it all about that seditionist coward.

P.S. Hat tip to VAPoliticalMemes, who writes, “Ex-GOP #VA02 Congressman turned Libertarian Scott [Rigell] offers the strongest rejection of Trump, the storming of the Capitol, and GOP lawmakers who repeatedly tried to overturn the 2020 election like Rob Wittman. Why are so many Virginia Republicans silent? Ask them!”


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