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Audio: VA GOP Gubernatorial Frontrunner Amanda Chase Says She Will Run as Independent If 72 Members of Party Select Nominee


Today is the deadline for Virginia Democrats and Republicans to notify the Virginia Department of Elections if they are intending to go with a primary for their 2021 nominating processes. In the case of the Virginia Democrats, of course, it was a simple and quick matter of opting to allow as many voters as possible to participate in the process…by going with a primary. The Virginia Republicans, on the other hand, have struggled for months to reach a consensus- and still have failed to do so – on what nominating method they are going to go with. For more background on that dumpster fire, see AP Reports: “In Virginia, Republican Chaos Reaches a Breaking Point”Audio: VA GOP Chair Says Party “Careening” Towards No Primary, No Convention and…Just 72 People on State Central Selecting Its 2021 Statewide Nominees!; etc.

With that background, check out the following audio of State Sen. Amanda Chase, the frontrunner for the VA GOP nomination in pretty much every poll we’ve seen (e.g,. the recent Wason Center poll), discussing the situation this morning on WRVA right-wing talk radio (“The John Reid Show”). According to Chase:

“I am ready for anything…I will go on the record for this. I have said this, if it comes down to the 72 members of the State Central Committee, I will declare the Republican Party as dead and start the Patriot Party…because I think that is wrong. We cannot allow 72 people; we cannot deny the people of Virginia the ability to participate in their nomination process. And if they do that, I will. Because that candidate…will not be seen as a viable candidate because they don’t have the buy-in of the people…”

Now, I hope you’re sitting down, because I actually agree with Chase that it’s completely absurd to have 72 State Central Committee members select the VA GOP governor, LG and AG nominees. Of course, as a diehard Democrat who wants the Republicans to lose badly in November, it’s fine with me if they want to commit suicide, so sure, go for it guys! LOL


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