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BREAKING: Video – Virginia Senate Votes 36-3 To Remove Statue of “Massive Resistance” Architect Harry F. Byrd, Sr. From Capitol Square

Tomorrow marks the 65th anniversary of Byrd declaring this infamous, racist campaign


I’ll add view of the debate on this as soon as it finishes uploading to YouTube, but for now: 1) it’s great to see that the Virginia Senate just voted 36-3 (the three “nays” being Republicans Amanda Chase, Mark Obenshain and Jill Vogel) to remove the statue of former Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator Harry F. Byrd, Sr. – the architect of the virulently racist, appalling policy known as “Massive Resistance” (declared by Byrd on February 24, 1956) – from Capitol Square; 2) the speeches explaining why this is important to do – by Senators Dick Saslaw (D), David Suetterlein (R), Jennifer McClellan (D) and Mamie Locke (D) – were powerful, and really helped explain the imperative to take this step, as Virginia continues to move out from under the shadow of the segregationist, disgraceful aspects of its past and into a (hopefully!) far more enlightened future.


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