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Kirk Cox Embraces Chase-Like Anti-LGBTQ Extremism…Again


From the Human Rights Campaign:

Kirk Cox Embraces Chase-Like Anti-LGBTQ Extremism…Again

This week, the Virginia House of Delegates held numerous votes on legislation aimed at advancing equality for LGBTQ Virginians. Delegate Kirk Cox yet again chose to stand in opposition to LGBTQ equality. These votes are just the latest in a series of actions that make him largely indistinguishable from his fellow candidate Q-anon-loving, insurrectionist State Sen. Amanda Chase on issues of LGBTQ equality.

Kirk Cox voted against legislation

  • Banning the LGBTQ panic defensedefined by the LGBT Bar as “a legal strategy which asks a jury to find that a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity is to blame for the defendant’s violent reaction, including murder.”
  • Repealing the now obsolete marriage equality ban from the Virginia Constitution.
  • Barring discrimination in  child welfare services
  • Banning bias based profiling of LGBTQ people by law enforcement
  • Establishing a Virginia LGBTQ Advisory Board
  • Ensuring LGBTQ seniors in the greatest economic or social need are prioritized

At his campaign launch, Kirk Cox doubled down on his intent to overturn the overwhelmingly popular bipartisan Virginia Values Act, a bill also opposed by Chase.

Pink NewsTwo terrifyingly anti-LGBT+ candidates running for Virginia governor want to make queer people ‘second class’ citizens

VPM“And [Cox] remains opposed to the Virginia Values Act, a bill that added workplace and housing protections for LGBTQ Virginians, while suggesting that ‘we are where we are.’”

While Speaker, Kirk Cox blocked pro-equality legislation from even getting a vote in the House of Delegates, despite passing the Senate with bipartisan support.

Mother Jones“But right before the dual bills were scheduled to be heard in committee, they were suddenly removed from the agenda by Republican House leadership and not rescheduled before the legislative session ended, sparking outrage from LGBTQ supporters…LGBTQ advocates directed the blame at two men: House majority chair Tim Hugo and Speaker Kirk Cox

During their 2019 reelection campaigns, Cox and Chase both welcomed funding from anti-LGBTQ mega-donor passed through his fellow Republican Nick Freitas

In 2017, Uihlein donated more than $100,000 to Roy Moore’s failed U.S. Senate bid, including at least $50,000 after the Washington Post allegations were made public.

  • Chicago Tribune: “Federal election records show Uihlein first gave the pro-Moore PAC $50,000 on Sept. 8. That’s prior to The Washington Post’s Nov. 9 report on Moore, and prior to Moore defeating appointed Sen. Luther Strange in a runoff for the GOP nomination on Sept. 26. Uihlein gave the PAC another $50,000 on Nov. 22, after the allegations were raised. The Daily Beast first reported on the new pro-Moore super PAC filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Uihlein donated nearly $350,000 to an anti-LGBTQ extremist group that said transgender people suffer from a mental illness:

Madison Project Website: “Most egregiously, the leftists, who refer to this steaming pile as the next Civil Rights Act, are implicitly comparing African Americans to the aforementioned groups.  They are creating a protected class for people who suffer from a mental illness and think they are the opposite gender.


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