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New Poll of Virginia AG Democratic Primary: Mark Herring 46%-Jay Jones 6%

When voters were given "short, balanced introductions," it went to 57% Herring/19% Jones


Finally, we’ve got some polling on the Virginia Attorney General’s race…by “Global Strategy Group,” which works for Attorney General Mark Herring’s campaign. The key findings, as per the following polling memo, are:

  • Herring “enjoys strong name recognition across the Commonwealth (52% familiar).” Also, “Voters are overwhelmingly positive towards the AG (44% favorable) with less than one in ten (8%) of Democratic primary voters holding an unfavorable opinion of him.”
  • Jay Jones is not widely known outside of Norfolk”; “is currently unknown to most Democratic primary voters in the state (8% favorable/2% unfavorable).”
  • “Herring currently leads Jay Jones 46% to 6% in the Democratic primary election for Attorney General. This includes strong support from both men (47% Herring/7% Jones) and women (45%/5%), college-educated (47%/6%) and non-college voters (45%/5), Liberal (54%/4%) and non-liberal (43%/5%) Democrats, and white (48%/5%) as well as Black voters (43%/8%) in the state.”
  • “Following short, balanced introductions intended to simulate positive communication from BOTH Herring and Jones, Herring’s vote share increases, bringing his lead in the race to 57% Herring/19% Jones.”


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