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Thursday News: “Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot Covid vaccine effective, FDA review says”; “Biden Revokes Trump Orders on Financial Regulation, Immigration”; “Republicans’ war on democracy is ramping up”; In Superb Speech, Del. Cia Price Rips Rs’ “Infuriating” Hypocrisy, Selective Memory on COVID-19, Trump, etc.


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, February 25. And *definitely* check out Del. Cia Price’s superb speech! Here’s an excerpt:

“Last month isn’t just some distant past, just because folks are trying to distance themselves from abject failures of the last administration…we have not had an acknowledgement of what has fully transpired. It took a whole domestic terrorist act of an attempted coup for some members to even remember that they had Twitter accounts, because prior to January 6, it was crickets on matters of life and death like the global pandemic. It is infuriating that the other side completely undermined public safety by making mass and social distancing political and by consistently demonizing science – the same science that their morning speeches today clung to for dear life…”


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