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Video: Corey Stewart Rips Pete Snyder For Ties to the “Anti-Trump Haters” Lincoln Project, Supposedly Sharing an Apartment with Rick Wilson and “Some Russian Prostitutes”

Stewart even bizarrely speculates, without any evidence, whether Snyder and Wilson were living with female or male prostitutes. WTF?!?


For whatever reasons, 2018 Virginia GOP U.S. Senate nominee Corey Stewart – a rabid xenophobe who worked in the Trump administration and has morphed into as hardcore a Trump cultist as is humanly possible – really, REALLY hates VA GOP 2021 gubernatorial candidate Pete Snyder. For instance, see here from six days ago, in which Stewart said, among other things, that:

  • “Pete Snyder is an anti-Trumper” and he’s “outright lying to you when he says that he supports Trump – HE DOES NOT!”
  • By calling Trump a “racist” and a “bigot,” Snyder “was calling you the same thing, essentially.”
  • So “vote for anybody you want obviously, but DON’T vote for Snyder if you support President Trump, if you support the Trump movement.”
  • “Isn’t President Trump the guy who you attacked very viciously and ruthlessly and unfairly at the 2015 Republican ‘advance’ in Virginia…and you never recanted those remarks?”

Now, neo-Confederate Corey is ripping Pete Snyder for his supposed connections to the “Never Trump” Lincoln Project, and specifically to long-time Republican strategist and Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson. See below for the video of that, in which Stewart says that:

  • The Lincoln Project ran “horrible anti-Trump ads” (actually, many of them were quite good, LOL), made by some “really self-righteous so-called Republicans” (no, they’re really Republicans…check out some of the screenshots below from Rick Wilson about his support for Ken Cuccinelli, Bob McDonnell, etc, etc.) who “were just anti-Trump haters; most of whom were probably uh very far-left-wing progressives” (uh, no, these are folks who have been VERY conservative Republicans, definitely not “progressives” let alone “very far-left-wing,” for many many years (see below for some tweets by Rick Wilson which clearly demonstrate that fact)
  • The Lincoln Project “went down in absolute shame, as it came out that one of the founders or a major guy in it anyway, he was running it, was a real creepy guy who was getting together and sending really disgusting messages to underage men.” (Actually, the Lincoln Project still seems to be in business, although clearly this scandal – and other issues with the Lincoln Project – haven’t exactly helped its reputation.)
  • All these people who were passing judgment on Donald Trump actually turned out to be real sick puppies themselves.” (In fact, the judgments against Trump for being a corrupt scumbag, traitor, seditionist, etc. are all 100% accurate. As for the scandal involving John Weaver, what Corey Stewart is doing here is trying to use that to discredit any and all criticisms of Trump, as well as to tarnish Rick Wilson…and Wilson’s close friend Pete Snyder).
  • Rick Wilson “is in fact a friend a former roommate of Pete Snyder…and Rick in this tweet from 2013 says that Pete and he lived together in an apartment together with some Russian prostitutes.” (see below for that tweet, as well as a response from Rick Wilson, says he loves Pete Snyder as a friend, but that they are on totally different pages regarding Snyder’s support for Trump)
  • Pete can explain this; maybe there’s a completely understandable explanation about why he was living with this guy…Rick Wilson, who was the founder of this anti-Trump organization, the Lincoln Project, and why Rick would say that they were living together with these prostitutes.” (Obviously, they were friends and fellow Republican operatives. But the Russian prostitutes part should be interesting, eh?)
  • I think Pete should explain that…publicly, and…we don’t  know anything about these prostitutes,  that apparently…Rick said that Pete Snyder and he were living with…whether these young women were being exploited, whether there was trafficking involved. And by the way, I don’t even know – it just says prostitutes – I don’t even  know if they were women, maybe there were men, you know maybe they were men. I don’t know…and whether they’re of age.” (Note how Stewart wildly – and irresponsibly, and also in an appeal to homophobia – wonders out loud, without any evidence at all, whether the prostitutes Snyder and Wilson were living with were men, not women. WTF? Beyond bizarre.)

Bottom line: these people – Snyder, Stewart, probably Wilson as well – all seem to be horrible people with minimal if any moral compass.  The fact that Snyder is one of the leading contenders for the VA GOP gubernatorial nomination – in a party that *claims* (falsely) to be about “family values” – is both mind boggling and disturbing. This November, just make sure you vote for anyone *but* the Republican statewide nominees…unless/until this Trumpist, conspiracy-theorizing, anti-science, anti-democracy, bigoted party gets its act together, perhaps in a decade or two (or three?) at this rate.



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