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Video: Amanda Chase Wonders What Dems Would Say If She Led a Hypothetical “White Republican Caucus”; Says Legislative Black Caucus Vice Chair Jennifer McClellan “should stop being a racist”


Far-right State Sen. Amanda Chase, a Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, had the following to say yesterday at the “Patriots Day Rally” in Pearisburg.

The Democratic Party is racist to its core. That’s what I said. And I said this over and over again. It’s amazing how the press continues to pick this up. But I said Jennifer McClellan, who is a Democrat [sic] senator who was also running for governor when she announced she was running for governor, she is the vice chairman…woman for the Legislative Black Caucus. Do you know what I said after she announced? What every single Democrat would have said about me if I had been the vice chairman of the White Republican Caucus. I said she will not represent everyone. And I will not be a member of a caucus or a committee that discriminates against people based on the color of their skin. And yet she does. And that’s wrong. I called her out and they wanted me to apologize. I said, no, I will not apologize. She should stop being a racist.”

Remember, this is the party of Donald Trump; of suppressing the votes of African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos; of the proposed “America First Caucus” to protect so-called “Anglo-Saxon political traditions” (aka, a white supremacist caucus); etc. Also recall that Chase has made comments like these repeatedly (e.g., see Audio: Amanda Chase Says Allowing People To Be in Legislative Black Caucus Based On Skin Color Is “government-sponsored racism; Audio: VA GOP Governor Candidate Amanda Chase Says “I reject the notion that there is racism…if anything, I would argue that we have reverse racism that’s going on in America right now.”; Criticized By Virginia Republicans For Her “Blatant Racism,” Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Lashes Out: “Republicans eat their own”; “when our country is at war the civility stops”Amanda Chase Spent the Week Doubling Down on RacismSen. Jennifer McClellan Statement on Sen. Amanda Chase’s Racist Attacks Virginia Sen. Amanda Chase Rants About “Destroying WHITE HISTORY,” Taking Down “White” Monuments and “Not Others”…), yet is still a leading candidate for the VA GOP’s gubernatorial nomination. Very telling, eh?


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