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100 Days Out: Hala For Virginia Releases State of the Race Memo


From Democratic Lt. Governor nominee Hala Ayala:

100 Days Out: Hala For Virginia Releases State of the Race Memo

WOODBRIDGE, VA — Today, 100 days from election day, the Hala for Virginia campaign released a state of the race memo outlining exactly why Virginians will choose progress and elect Delegate Hala Ayala as the next Lieutenant Governor. In response, Hala Ayala released the following statement: 

“The word grateful doesn’t begin to cover it. Never could I have imagined two decades ago when I worked at a gas station without health insurance, pregnant with my first child, that I would be here today. Thank you to the countless volunteers and advocates who have put their heart and soul into our campaign for a more prosperous, more equal Virginia. With Virginians by my side, I know we’ll take our Commonwealth to the next level when I’m elected Lieutenant Governor.” 

To: Interested Parties
From: Hala for Virginia 
Re: 100 Days to Victory for Virginia
Date: July 25, 2021With just 100 days until election day, the Hala for Virginia campaign continues to gain grassroots momentum. When elected, Delegate Hala Ayala will make history as the first woman and woman of color Lieutenant Governor — but this election is about much more than that.

Hala is the only candidate in the race for Lieutenant Governor with the life and legislative experience necessary to advance Virginians’ priorities. While the Republican party attempts to take the Commonwealth backwards, Hala and the Democratic ticket will continue to focus on building on Governor Northam and the Democratic majority’s success over the last few years.

Hala continues to connect with voters across the Commonwealth, reaching out to Virginians of all backgrounds and walks of life to hear about the issues they care most about and share her experience and vision for the future. Chief amongst these include expanding access to affordable healthcare, supporting students and teachers, and continuing to draw businesses into Virginia by investing in quality education and job training opportunities in high-demand sectors.

Hala’s story and message resonate deeply with Virginians. 

  • Virginians want elected officials who will fight for their priorities because they, too, know how thin the line can be between struggle and success. 
  • Virginians see themselves in Hala’s story, and their shared life experiences are exactly why they’ll elect her Lieutenant Governor in November. 
  • The proof is in the fundraising numbers. In the most recent filing period, the campaign reported that 75% of all contributions came from within the Commonwealth. 
Hala is proud to have earned the endorsements of national, state, and local organizations and officials who share her commitment to fighting for Virginia’s best interests. 
  • Over the last month, Hala has been endorsed by the Virginia AFL-CIO, SEIU Virginia 512, Planned Parenthood of Virginia, the Virginia Education Association Fund, Giffords, Brady, Everytown For Gun Safety Action, Democracy For America, CASA In Action, and the AAPI Victory Fund. 
  • This builds on key endorsements from the primary, including Governor Ralph Northam, Speaker of the House of Delegates Eileen Filler-Corn, House Majority Leader Charniele Herring, EMILY’s List, Latino Victory Fund, and Higher Heights. 
Hala is the only candidate in the race for Lieutenant Governor with the legislative leadership experience necessary to advance Virginians’ priorities and successfully preside over the state Senate.
  • As chief deputy whip in the House of Delegates, Hala is the only candidate in the race with the legislative leadership experience necessary to advance Virginians’ priorities and effectively preside over the Senate as the next Lieutenant Governor. 
  • Hala is the only Lieutenant Governor candidate with a proven legislative record of delivering for Virginia’s workers, students, teachers, and small businesses. 
  • In the House of Delegates, Hala worked to expand Medicaid access to over 500,000 Virginians, raise teacher pay, and deliver tuition-free community college for low- and middle-income students who pursue jobs in high-demand fields. 
  • In a nearly tied state Senate, Virginians need Hala, who will play a key role in ensuring Virginia continues to grow and prosper. 
This election, Virginia voters will once again choose progress. As the Virginia GOP loses even more ground to Democrats’ winning message in the Commonwealth, they will revert back to their tired playbook of fear mongering, misinformation, and extreme rhetoric.
  • Virginia Republicans know their extreme policy stances, which would take our Commonwealth backwards, stand no chance against Democrats’ plan to build on the success of the past few years.
  • Under Democratic leadership, Virginia’s economy is thriving and the Commonwealth is the #1 place in the nation to do business.
  • Quality teachers are paid more, higher education is more accessible, more people have access to affordable healthcare, our communities are safer thanks to a suite of gun violence prevention laws, and Virginians are equipped with the necessary support and tools to build back better in the aftermath of COVID-19. 
  • As Republicans continue to lose ground, they will double down on inflammatory attacks to distract from the real issues Virginians care about, like expanding Medicaid, protecting the right to choose, ending gun violence, investing in broadband access, and funding school infrastructure. 

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