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Video: Far-Right VA Del. John McGuire (R-HD56) “doesn’t think women [should] serve in the military because he’ll get distracted.” Support His Opponent, Democrat Blakely Lockhart, Instead!


Currently, Virginia’s 56th House of Delegates is (mis)represented in the House of Delegates by one John McGuire. For some background on this guy, see DLCC: Virginia Delegate (and Top Glenn Youngkin Surrogate) John McGuire Admits to Attending Insurrection, , Video: At “Stop the Hate” Rally in Henrico County Last Night, Speakers Urge Respect for American Diversity; Denounce Racism, White Supremacy, Xenophobia (Republican Del. John McGuire jarringly declared: “I heard the term ‘white supremacy over and over. And I would caution you that you cannot fight racism with racism”), Virginia Delegate John McGuire (R) Abandons Constituents Days After Re-Election to Run for Congress , etc. Also note that McGuire’s been a frequent “surrogate” for VA GOP gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin this campaign.

Now, the 56th House of Delegates district is very “red,” but still…c’mon, you all can do a LOT better than McGuire as your delegate! Fortunately, there’s a MUCH better choice on the ballot this election – namely, Democratic nominee Blakely Lockhart, who would bring honor to the district, would work hard to make things better for everyone who lives there, and certainly wouldn’t express the types of sentiments McGuire does in the following video clip. To learn more about Lockhart, click here, and definitely help her if you can!

P.S. Does Glenn Youngkin agree with his “surrogate” that women in the military are “distractions?”




John McGuire and Winsome Sears


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