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VPAP Analysis Finds Half of State Senate, VA House of Delegates Members/Members-Elect “Paired” or “Tripled” in New Districts


See below for maps from VPAP showing incumbent “pairing” in proposed new Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate districts. According to VPAP: “In House of Delegates, 52/100 [note: I count 50/100] members/members-elect were paired (or tripled) in same district. In the Senate, 20/40 face same fate. (Dark are pairs/triples).” Wild, huh? Here are the pairings/triplings (10 Senate Rs, 10 Senate Ds; 26 House of Delegates Rs, 24 House of Delegates Ds).

  • Senate District 2: Sen. Creigh Deeds (D), Sen. Emmett Hanger (R), Sen. Mark Obenshain (R)
  • Senate District 4: Sen. John Edwards (D) and Sen. Dave Suetterlein (R)
  • Senate District 8: Sen. Steve Newman (R) and Sen. Mark Peake (R)
  • Senate District 12: Sen. Amanda Chase (R) and Sen. Ghazala Hashmi (D)
  • Senate District 18: Sen. Louise Lucas (D) and Sen. Lionell Spruill (D)
  • Senate District 20: Sen. Bill DeSteph (R), Sen. Jen Kiggans (R), Sen. Lynwood Lewis (D)
  • Senate District 25: Sen. Ryan McDougle (R) and Sen. Richard Stuart (R)
  • Senate District 35: Sen. Dave Marsden (D) and Sen. Dick Saslaw (D)
  • Senate District 38: Sen. Janet Howell (D) and Sen. Jennifer Boysko (D)
  • House of Delegates (HoD) District 6: Del. Kathleen Murphy (D) and Del. Rip Sullivan (D)
  • HoD District 10: Del. David Bulova (D) and Del. Dan Helmer (D)
  • HoD District 12: Del. Marcus Simon (D) and Del. Mark Keam (D)
  • HoD District 15: Del. Vivian Watts (D) and Del. Eileen Filler-Corn (D)
  • HoD District 16: Del. Mark Sickles (D) and Del. Paul Krizek (D)
  • HoD District 25: Del.-elect Briana Sewell (D) and Del. Luke Torian (D)
  • HoD District 30: Del. Dave LaRock (R) and Del. Michael Webert (R)
  • HoD District 36: Del. Ronnie Campbell (R) and Del. John Avoli (R)
  • HoD District 37: Del. Terry Austin (R) and Del. Christopher Head (R)
  • HoD District 44: Del. Israel O’Quinn (R) and Del. Will Wampler (R)
  • HoD District 47: Del.-elect Marie March (R) and Del.-elect Wren Williams (R)
  • HoD District 49: Del. James Edmunds (R) and Del. Danny Marshall (R)
  • HoD District 52: Del. Kathy Byron (R) and Del. Wendell Walker (R)
  • HoD District 60: Del. Buddy Fowler (R) and Del. Scott Wyatt (R)
  • HoD District 67: Del. Margaret Ransone (R) and Del. Bobby Orrock (R)
  • HoD District 78: Del. Dawn Adams (D), Del. Betsy Carr (D) and Del. Jeff Bourne (D)
  • HoD District 80: Del. Schuyler VanValkenburg (D) and Del. Lamont Bagby (D)
  • HoD District 83: Del. Emily Brewer (R) and Del.-elect Otto Wachsmann (R)
  • HoD District 85: Del. Mike Mullin (D) and Del. Cia Price (D) (Note: VPAP removed Mike Mullin after initially including him)
  • HoD District 87: Del. Jeion Ward (D) and Del.-elect AC Cordoza (R)
  • HoD District 88: Del. Don Scott (D) and Del.-elect Nadarius Clark (D)
  • HoD District 90: Del. Cliff Hayes (D) and Del. Jay Leftwich (R)
  • HoD District 98: Del. Kelly Fowler (D), Glenn Davis (R) and Barry Knight (R)
  • HoD District 100: Del.-elect Tim Anderson (R) and Del. Rob Bloxom (R)


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