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VA-02 GOP PRIMARY TROUBLE: “How Can You Vote for a Two-Time Loser, Bro?”

"For once, Jarome Ball gets it right"


From the DCCC:

VA-02 GOP PRIMARY TROUBLE: “How Can You Vote for a Two-Time Loser, Bro?”
For once, Jarome Ball gets it right

The GOP primary in VA-02 is getting more frantic and disorganized by the day, and these Virginia Republicans clearly aren’t afraid to trade blows. Following speculation that twice-failed candidate Scott Taylor is considering launching a third losing campaign, conspiracy theorist Jarome Bell took to Facebook (23:01) to trash establishment pick Jen Kiggans and dare Taylor to join the fray:

“I welcome you to come into the race. So you got your little poll, and it said you won […] and we know it most likely went to all of your people, your call list. […] How can you vote for a two-time loser, bro?”  

With a challenge like that, how can Scott Taylor refuse? 

Jen Kiggans also gets a personalized shout out:

“[Taylor] created a poll, and his establishment people know that Jen Kiggans can’t beat me, so they’re going to try and resurrect Scott Taylor because they think he can beat me.”

The news spells trouble for Jen Kiggans, who took to radio to complain that she was “sick and tired” of having her conservative credentials questioned. With twice-defeated Taylor considering a third run, there is only more chaos in store for the VA-02 Republican primary.

“Across the country, Republicans are in absolute disarray and Virginia’s 2nd district is no exception,” said DCCC spokesperson Monica Robinson. “As the GOP candidates race to the bottom of the barrel, voters have only losing choices between far-right conspiracy theorist Jarome Bell, twice-losing politician Scott Taylor, and Jen Kiggans, whose anemic campaign is so lackluster she can’t keep another challenger out of the race.”


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