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Video: Sen. Mark Warner Says US Needs to Stand Up For “Democracy” Ukraine and Against “Authoritarian Regimes” Like Putin’s; “I hope the Canadian  government will move more aggressively to restore rule of law”

Also says he supports a ban on members of Congress trading individual stocks


See below for video and a few key highlights from Sen. Mark Warner’s press availability yesterday.

  • On the “very real threat that Putin and the Russians pose towards Ukraine,“the Biden administration has done a good job of rallying NATO”; “even if Russia were to overcome the Ukrainian military, there would be an armed insurgency”; ” if some false flag effort was taking place, it would be exposed as Russian.” And finally: “All that being said we still don’t know what Vladimir Putin may do, he is the ultimate decider. In this case, he’s got over 100 000 troops poised on the border of Ukraine. And for Americans who say, ‘well why should this matter to us’, I mean this is a democracy, we need to stand up  with our allies against authoritarian regimes.”
  • We’re starting to see Virginia already benefit from the bipartisan infrastructure law that I was proud to be one of the key authors of; we’ve got hundreds of millions of dollars on bridge repair for example that has already come into the Commonwealth.”
  • We’ve got to do all we can to get a full budget; that’s terribly important for infrastructure, it’s also terribly important for our our defense establishments around Virginia… I’m more optimistic now on getting that full budget before march 11th”
  • It’s “very important that we get that bill [‘Made in America’]…particularly around semiconductors this bill is terribly important.”
  • “I think it’s outrageous what those truckers are doing in Canada, basically further screwing up the supply chain by blocking the bridge and one of the most important bridges between Canada and Michigan…I hope the Canadian  government will move more aggressively to restore rule of law.” 
  • We’ve got to make a transition to a cleaner energy environment, and part of that is some of the provisions that were put in place in the so-called Build Back Better proposal that is kind of in hiatus right now. But showing American leadership on energy, we need to continue our own domestic energy supplies, we’re not going to move off you know natural gas or oil today, we are going to transition.”
  • On banning members of Congress from trading individual stocks, Sen. Warner said “this is a position I’ve had since I’ve been governor; I put my assets in a trust…putting a stronger legislation in place, I support…[but] the devil is in the details here.”


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