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Virginians React to Yet ANOTHER Horrific Mass Shooting in America, This Time of Students and a Teacher at an Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas

As usual, the problem is not "both sides" or "Congress" generically, it's the political *right* in this country.


Reminder: this insane violence doesn’t happen in ANY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH! And no, that is NOT because Americans are inherently more or less violent than any other group of humans. It’s because of pretty much one factor: America is awash in guns, while other countries are not. And no, this is not “both sides” or “Congress” generically or “we” generically, it’s very specifically: the NRA/gun lobby; the Republican Party; anyone who supports the NRA/gun lobby or Republican Party.

With that, see below for reactions by Virginia Democrats (of course, Republicans have nothing to offer other than their usual “hopes and prayers,” even as they are the ones who prevent action to stop these horrible tragedies from happening over and over again) to yet the latest mass shooting in America…this time “Fourteen students and one teacher were killed in a shooting Tuesday morning at a Texas elementary school.” Horrific and 100% unacceptable!



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