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Anti-Abortion Extremist Yesli Vega Keeps Hiding Her Extreme Beliefs on Abortion

"Vega and her campaign did not respond to the [Christian Science Monitor]’s repeated requests for comment."


From DPVA:

Anti-Abortion Extremist Yesli Vega Keeps Hiding Her Extreme Beliefs on Abortion

Richmond, VA – Once again, Yesli Vega, the far-right candidate known locally and nationally for her anti-abortion extremism, is way out of step with Virginians and continues to hide her shocking beliefs from the voters of Virginia’s 7th District.

This week, the Christian Science Monitor asked Vega about her extreme comments that women who are victims of rape are less likely to get pregnant and her support for a nationwide ban on abortions — even in cases where a mother’s life is threatened. Vega refused to respond:

Ms. Vega and her campaign did not respond to the Monitor’s repeated requests for comment.

Yesli Vega consistently avoids answering questions on abortion. 

As the Prince William Times reports, Vega refused to answer questions about whether she believes there should be exceptions for rape, incest, and life-threatening pregnancies:

GOP nominee for Congress declines to say whether abortion bans should include exceptions for rape, incest or life-threatening pregnancies

In The Washington Post, Vega declined to respond to a single question about her anti-abortion platform:

But … Vega [has] not always been clear about [her] positions on specific policies and did not respond to questions for this article about how [she] would vote on certain abortion proposals, restrictions or bans if elected, including whether [she] support exceptions to abortion bans for rape, incest or protecting the life of the mother.

House Republicans broadly rejected bills to codify rights to same-sex and interracial marriage and to contraception this month — ample campaign fodder for Democrats. Vega… did not respond to questions about how [she] would have voted on those bills.

In a recent editorial from the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, Vega again – yet again – did not comment:

Vega—who has spoken little to the press and not responded to emails or phone calls from The Free Lance–Star—has now twice expressed abortion positions that are both grossly uninformed and steeped in Christian nationalism.

Vega has positioned herself as one of the most extreme candidates in the country running for Congress and has taken a radical anti-abortion stance. Vega’s hardline agenda to outlaw safe, legal abortions comes as no surprise:

  • Vega downplayed the possibility that women who are raped can get pregnant because it doesn’t happen “organically.”
  • Vega supports government-mandated pregnancies and a nationwide abortion ban.
  • Vega believes that God – not a doctor or healthcare provider – should decide whether a mother should live.
  • Vega praised the leaked draft opinion by the Court as “an amazing victory.”

“Yesli Vega is hiding from the press and voters, because she knows her position on abortion is out of touch and too extreme for Virginians,” said DPVA Spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “Her radical comments and support to ban abortion nationwide are a danger to women across the Commonwealth and the country. The contrast could not be more clear between Yesli Vega and Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger, who is a staunch defender of a woman’s right to choose and the fundamental right to privacy.”


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