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On MSNBC, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) Calls Right-Wing Attacks on FBI, Federal Law Enforcement “grotesquely disappointing,” “atrocious” and “deeply concerning”

Spanberger: "in my district, I'm running against someone who's defended the 1/6 insurrectionists and called the FBI 'corrupt' and referred to them as 'deep state'."


A few minutes ago on Andrea Mitchell Reports, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) had some interesting things to say, including:

  • On a new poll showing that voters #1 concerns is now ongoing threats to democracy: “Overall concerns about the health of our country and our communities are something that I’ve long long heard about from voters...worry about election deniers; worry about – certainly in the aftermath of 1/6 – worry about a physical attack, a violent attack on our nation’s Capitol. And so this polling information is frankly something that did not come to much of a surprise to me. But where I think we are seeing real engagement is the fact that the way that we get at rectifying this worry about our democracy is by demonstrating that democracy can work.”
  • “And yes, there are many threats to democracy. We see it with these extreme candidates who are coming through primaries. Here in Virginia, in my district, I’m running against someone who’s defended the 1/6 insurrectionists and called the FBI corrupt and referred to them as ‘deep state’. So these threats are very, very real, and frankly they’re a major driving force for those of us who want to demonstrate our beautiful American democracy can and does work, and we’re doing that by showing that we can govern…by investing in roads and bridges…with the Inflation Reduction Act, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, investing in fighting climate change, all while paying down our deficit…pulling people together for bipartisan gun violence reduction legislation…supporting our veterans who’ve been impacted by toxic exposure through their history of service…good governance is how we strengthen our country…and it’s how we deal with the threat on the ground that exists, frankly, across the country in so many races.”
  • On threats against the FBI: “I’m a former federal law enforcement officer…I worked many joint cases with FBI throughout that time…And the idea that we would have career law enforcement officers who endeavor every single day to protect our communities, do extraordinary counter-terrorism work…The fact that they would now be at the center of attacks and frankly the former president’s ire is grotesquely disappointing. The fact that we see candidates AND members of Congress calling to defund FBI, calling to defund other types of federal law enforcement, it’s atrocious and it’s deeply deeply concerning. We are country of law and order, and it is the brave men and women of our law enforcement… and in this particularly case our FBI that are upholding that duty and upholding the law every day.”


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