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Audio: Virginia LG Winsome Sears, Who Was a HUGE Trump Supporter, Now Says “He bailed on US”; “I think it’s YOU who’s sanctimonious”; “I didn’t join the Trump Party, I joined the REPUBLICAN Party!”

Sears: Trump "called [Elaine Chao]...Coco Chow Chow something. C'mon man, you know, you can't do that!"


Check out the following audio of Virginia LG Winsome Sears (speaking on right-wing talk radio, WRVA, this morning), who voted for Trump twice and was a huge supporter of his (all through his virulent racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.), suddenly has ditched him and is OUTRAGED that he used racist language against Elaine Chao? OK.  Here’s what Sears had to say:

“No no, I’m not bailing on him; I think he bailed on us. Because, ultimately, you’ve got to come to the point where you see that this is all about him, and it can’t ever be that. It has to be about our country…Ultimately, how can you for example say, when it came to Mitch McConnell’s wife…he called her Elaine…Coco Chow Chow something. C’mon man, you know, you can’t do that! And then he called, just a few days before the election, he called Ron DeSantis ‘Ron DeSanctimonious.’  No sir, I think it’s you, I think it’s YOU who’s sanctimonious. He just goes after people. I don’t know, we can’t keep going down that road. I didn’t join the Trump Party, I joined the Republican Party.”

So again, sure, that’s all true. But why was Sears perfectly capable – and enthusiastic – about Trump for the past five years or whatever, as he attacked Muslims, immigrants, Hispanic people, Black people, women, Jews, our military, disabled people, our allies, NATO, science, the truth, our democracy, our constitution, etc, etc. As Sears said, she voted to *reelect* this guy in November 2020, so…seriously, what changed? The only thing I can think of is that Trump just got his clock cleaned in the midterm elections, and that Republicans can tolerate pretty much ANYTHING (racism, misogyny, xenophobia, trying to overthrow our democracy, etc.), just not LOSING. It’s so telling about what Republicans value – and what they don’t!



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