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Video: VA Senators Deeds, Boysko, Marsden, Ebbin, Petersen Discuss Their Gun Violence Prevention Bills

Lori Haas: "My own daughter was injured  with a weapon equipped with a high-capacity magazine...It's far past time that Virginia regulates these weapons of war."


See below for video of VA Senate Democrats Jennifer Boysko, Dave Marsden, Chap Petersen, Adam Ebbin and Creigh Deeds holding a press conference this morning “on their commitment to keeping Virginia communities safe by passing life-saving gun safety legislation in the 2023 session.” Of course, all of these bills should pass the legislature and be signed into law, but given the fact that the House of Delegates is controlled by Republicans and that Glenn Youngkin is governor, there’s basically zero chance of this happening. Think about that next time you cast a vote.

  • Sen. Creigh Deeds: “We’re honored to be here today…to talk about the gun violence epidemic and solutions that Senate Democrats are pushing for this session, from banning the sale of military weapons to stopping dangerous individuals from acquiring firearms.” (See Sen. Deeds’ SB1382 here – “Creates a Class 1 misdemeanor for any person who imports, sells, manufactures, purchases, possesses, transports, or transfers an assault firearm”)
  • Lori Haas: “Firearms are lethal and deadly weapons that cause immeasurable pain and suffering to families across the Commonwealth, mine included…gun violence is preventable…The data is clear; states with stronger gun laws have fewer gun deaths…For too long, this legislature has pandered to the gun industry and the gun lobby that put profits over people. No longer…My own daughter was injured  with a weapon equipped with a high-capacity magazine…It’s far past time that Virginia regulates these weapons of war.”
  • Sen. Jennifer Boysko: “In Virginia since 2011, 775 children from birth to 19 years old died from gun violence…gun violence is the #1 cause of death for children…The good news here today is that we have a way to significantly reduce these tragedies, by passing my bill, SB1139; it would require adults to lock up their guns when they do not have them on their person directly when minors are present…”
  • Sen. Dave Marsden: “My bill this year deals with guns stolen from automobiles; it’s an epidemic…77,000 guns are stolen from cars every year in the United States, one every 15 minutes…We are arming the people who are committing violent acts in our community…Guns are getting into the wrong hands and people are dying…it’s got to stop.”
  • Sen. Adam Ebbin: “…Senate Bill 1192, prohibiting public carrying of assault-style weapons. We know that weapons of war have no place in civil society…These weapons must be banned from public spaces…Then I have Senate Bill 1181 dealing with ghost guns…”
  • Sen. Chap Petersen: “I am the sponsor of SB1167, which deals with responsible manufacturer controls” (“Such standards include establishing and implementing reasonable controls regarding the manufacture, distribution, importation, marketing, and wholesale or retail sale of firearm industry products and taking reasonable precautions to ensure that such firearm industry products are not sold or distributed to a distributor or retailer that fails to establish and implement such reasonable controls. The bill also creates a civil cause of action for any person who suffers harm as a result of a firearm industry member’s violation of the provisions of the bill.”)


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