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VPAP Graphics: How Many Bills Did Each Virginia Legislator Introduce in 2023?

We'll see how many of these end up signed into law, given that House Rs are killing most good Dem bills and Senate Dems are killing most bad GOP bills.


Helpful info from VPAP regarding how many bills regarding which Virginia legislators “introduced the most bills in 2023.” A few things that jumped out at me were the following:

  • In the House of Delegates, there’s definitely no correlation between the QUANTITY of bills introduced and their QUALITY. For instance, of the 31 delegates introducing the 15-bill limit, 24 were Republicans, with many of their bills being truly horrendous…and thankfully being killed by Senate Democrats.
  • Several of the legislators with the fewest bills introduced in the House of Delegates and State Senate are in leadership, such as Speaker Todd Gilbert (zero bills introduced), Senate Finance/Appropriations Committee Chair Janet Howell (4 bills introduced), Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (6 bills introduced), Senate President Pro Tem Louise Lucas (13 bills introduced); or new members like Sen. Aaron Rouse (who was just elected a few weeks ago – 6 bills introduced), Del. Holly Seibold (also elected just a few weeks ago – 5 bills introduced).
  • Some with very few bills are harder to explain, like Del. Jeion Ward with just 1 bill introduced, Del. Lamont Bagby with just 2 bills introduced, Del. Tommy Wright, Jr. with just 3 bills introduced, Sen. Travis Hackworth with just 9 bills introduced, Sen. Bill Stanley with just 13 bills introduced, etc.
  • In terms of bills introduced, the top six Senators are all Democrats – Sen. Jeremy McPike (34), Sen. Ghazala Hashmi (31), Sen. Scott Surovell (31), Sen. Creigh Deeds (28), Sen. Monty Mason (28) and Sen. Barbara Favola (27). They’re followed by five Republicans – Sen. Bill DeSteph (26), Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant (25), Sen. Mark Peake (25), Sen. Richard Stuart (25), Sen. Mark Obenshain (24), Sen. Bryce Reeves (24).
  • We’ll see how many of these legislators’ bills end up getting passed by both chambers and signed into law, given that Senate Dems have been killing almost all of the bad Republican bills while House Republicans have been killing almost all of the good Democratic bills.


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