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VA Sen. John Bell (D) Says He Has Prostate Cancer, Will Not Run for Reelection; Del. Suhas Subramanyam (D) Announces Candidacy for This Seat


As we pointed out several days ago, it was quite possible that VA Sen. John Bell (D – Loudoun/Prince William) wouldn’t run for reelection, and that Del. Suhas Subramanyam might run instead. The only thing we didn’t say is WHY Sen. Bell might not be running for reelection, but in his press release a few minutes ago (see below), he discussed his thinking (namely, that he has prostate cancer, which “will greatly impact my life going forward”).  So we wish Sen. Bell all the best in his treatment and presumably full recovery, and we wish Del. Subramanyam luck in his run (see his press release below as well) for this seat (the new, heavily “blue” SD32). Thank you to Sen. Bell for his service to Virginia!


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