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In Slick, Smarmy, Vapid New Video, Youngkin “speaks for a minute but doesn’t say a thing” (While Making It Clear He’s Still VERY Much Interested in Being President)


See below for some utterly vapid drivel by Glenn Youngkin, who obviously still wants (badly!) to be president – but almost certainly will not be. As Sen. Mark Kelly’s comms guy Jacob Peters puts it, Youngkin “speaks for a minute but doesn’t say a thing.” A few more points on this ridiculous, laughably bad video:

  • Youngkin’s smarmy faux “sincerity,” including the calculated catch in his voice, is really something…vomit inducing, among other things.
  • Youngkin’s talk about choosing freedom over oppression is rich, given that his party’s led by an authoritarian thug who tried to OVERTHROW OUR DEMOCRACY!
  • Today most certainly IS a “time for choosing,” but not at all in the way Youngkin is talking about. Instead, it’s a time to choose whether we continue to want to be a democracy, in which case it’s imperative that everyone vote Democratic up and down the ballot in EVERY ELECTION. It’s also a time for choosing whether we want to be a nation that’s based in fact, reason, rule of law, science, forward-thinking, tolerance, etc., and not a bunch of ignorant, nasty, bigoted, know-nothing goons. Unfortunately, Youngkin has chosen the latter, not the former, even though he seems to have zero self awareness or understanding that this is what he’s doing. Or maybe he just doesn’t care, as he seeks power (and before that, money!) at whatever cost to everyone else.
  • It’s an interesting question whether, or really to what degree, today’s fascistic, unhinged, “Big Lie”/conspiracy-theorty-dominated Republican Party is the heir of Ronald Reagan, and to what extent it’s a divergence from Reaganism. I’d say it’s a mixture of both, with some aspects (e.g., the alliance with Christian nationalists, the climate science denial and anti-environmentalism, homophobia, racism, etc.) very much consistent with Reaganism, and with other aspects (e.g., the rabid xenophobia, pro-Putin/anti-democracy attitudes) very much NOT in line with what Reagan advocated.


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