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Badly Broken WaPo Out with Another Wildly Irresponsible Piece of Anti-Democratic, Pro-Republican Stenography

In this case, the WaPo amplifies wildly false GOP smears, without even allowing a single Democrat to respond


I’m not even going to link this this trash, but suffice it to say that this morning in the WaPo – the same paper that spent 2021 whitewashing Glenn Youngkin as some sort of “moderate” or “mystery date” or whatever – is out with another abysmally bad article on Virginia politics. This time around, it’s completely disgraceful stenography by the WaPo, which simply amplifies Virginia Republicans’ FALSE attacks and demonization of Virginia Democrats – without ever informing readers that *THIS SHIT IS FALSE* (e.g., that Dems are supposedly “extreme,” “soft on crime,” blah blah blah; all 100% FALSE) – or even allowing a single Democrat to rebut this crap! Incredibly/wildly irresponsible, and most definitely NOT journalism. Disgraceful.

P.S. Sadly, this is not some sort of aberration when it comes to the WaPo’s Virginia politics coverage. For some more examples, see The Relentlessly Anti-Progressive WaPo Strikes Again, This Time Falsely Claiming That “Northern Virginia shifts to the left with Democratic primary victories”;  In 2021, the WaPo’s “Journalists” Whitewashed Youngkin/Sears/Miyares. This Election, They’re Doing the Same with Republican VA Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant’s Opposition to Women’s Reproductive Freedom? and Three Front-Page WaPo Stories on the VA Governor’s Race…and They All SUCK (Hell, They Even Describe Youngkin as a “6 foot 5 Mystery Date” – WTF???)


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