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Audio: On Far-Right Podcast, Former DeSantis Staffer Now Running for U.S. Senate From VA Says He Wouldn’t Let His Daughter Get COVID Vacccine, Says He’s “deeply skeptical of free and fair elections in America”


We’ve written previously about 2024 VA GOP US Senate candidate Scott Parkinson, including about how he is a former Ron DeSantis staffer and “Trump acolyte”; as well as a recent unhinged interview (about Trump possibly facing the death penalty, justifying the motivations of the 1/6/21 insurrectionists, etc.). Fortunately, as former Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R) pointed out recently, whether we’re talking about Scott Parkinson, Hung Cao, or any of the other far-right extremists running to take on Sen. Tim Kaine in 2024, “None of these candidates have a snowballs chance of defeating Kaine in a presidental election year.” Still, it’s disturbing to hear the lunacy the leading Republican candidates are spewing out.

For instance, on Monday, Parkinson was on a right-wing podcast yesterday (see here for the entire thing) with Sandy Rios, “an American Family Association member, governmental affairs director [and] Fox News Channel contributor” who in 2013 “was identified as a key member of Groundswell, a secretive coalition of right wing activists and journalists attempting to make radical political change behind the scenes.” Parkinson had a lot of…er…”interesting” things to say. See below for some of the most “interesting,” as well as an audio snippet. And make sure that every election, including for president, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, etc. next year, you vote Democratic up and down the ballot!

  • “So as a parent, I’ve got four kids, right? My daughter was… the oldest one was in public school at the beginning of COVID. They shut down the schools, she does online learning, and she’s a pretty high achiever. So she did fine with her grades, right? But when they bring the kids back, they said, we have to take their temperature, they have to wear a mask, right? It felt like we were entering Germany, not, you know, public school system in the United States of America. And then when you know, kids started hearing about vaccines, it became sort of a bullying proposition here that, you know, if you weren’t vaccinated, you couldn’t sit with certain kids at lunch, because their parents were so far left that they said, Oh, it’s not safe for you. And so it became a bullying issue. And you know, what, my daughter, she wanted to get vaccinated. But as her parent, I had to look out in her best interest and say, sweetie, I know it’s tough at school, not being vaccinated, but you’re not getting it. It’s not safe for you. And so we stood up as parents, ultimately, I pulled my daughter out of public school, and she’s now in private school. That’s a decision that I had to make. And it wasn’t easy, given the friendships and relationships that my daughter had. But you know what, kids are resilient….”
  • “For far too long, the teachers unions and teachers associations have put their own interests and employment ahead of the interests of high quality education with students. And now that education isn’t even focused on math and science and reading, right? It is a transition toward transgenderism toward wokeness ideology towards reteaching of American history.”
  • I am obviously deeply skeptical of free and fair elections in America, to the extent that there’s no fraud, right? We know that there are political actors out there that cheat and bend the rules. And when I look at 2020, I think about the unconstitutional actions that States took in the disguise of the Coronavirus pandemic, but they changed their voter rules without the legislature, you know, through executive orders. And then they ran up the score based on those rules. And obviously, President Trump, and the Trump campaign tried to get standing to challenge many of those states and the vote results. But we have to live with what happened.”


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