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Former VA Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R): “None of these [Republican] candidates [for U.S. Senate] have a snowballs chance of defeating Kaine in a presidental election year.”

There are eight candidates so far: six are off the far-right deep end; two seem somewhat reasonable, so they certainly have no chance at the VA GOP nomination.


I don’t agree with much that former Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, a conservative Republican by pretty much any metric, has to say. But this is amusing and probably accurate:

“If these are the best candidates the GOP can find to run against Tim Kaine in 2024 they might as well not bother. None of these candidates have a snowballs chance of defeating Kaine in a presidental election year. Unfortuantely, it shows how week the Republican bench is behind Governor Glenn Youngkin.”

With that, here’s a quick rundown of who these far-right, nutjob, “snowball’s chance” Republicans are.

Hung Cao: Audio: On Far-Right Radio, VA GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Hung Cao Triples Down On His Support of the Anti-Reproductive-Freedom “Dobbs” Decision; Far-Right Republican Hung Cao Launches U.S. Senate Campaign with Dark, Disturbing, Unhinged, Fear Mongering, Falsehood-Filled Video (Among the insanity, Cao falsely claims, “that’s Joe Biden arresting his challenger in the next election, a former president of the United States”); Video: New Ad Highlights “How Extreme” Hung Cao Is ; After 1/6 Insurrection, He Said Violent Extremists “are my people, set them free” (Cao was also “thrilled” at Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade); DPVA Releases “Why Hung Cao Is Too Extreme for Virginia” (Cao Praised Violent Insurrection, Supports Total Abortion Ban, Denies Climate Science, etc.); Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA10): “Comparing abortion to the horrors of the Nazis’ atrocities against Jewish people is a disgusting and deeply offensive comment from my opponent—and an outrageous lie.”; Video: New VA10 Far-Right Republican Nominee Rants That the “Left” Is Supposedly “Destroying Gender” and “the Nuclear Family”; Also “Marxism,” “Equity,” “Pure Evil,” the “Enemy,” etc.; VA10 Republicans Nominate Hung Cao, Who Backs “Off-Label Alternatives” to Treating COVID, Is 100% Anti-Reproductive Freedom, Rails Against “Insidious Grooming…of Students” by “government-backed organizations,” etc. to Take on Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA10); etc.

Scott Parkinson: Audio: One of the Far-Right Rs Running to Take on Sen. Tim Kaine in 2024 Gives Unhinged Interview Ranting About Trump Possibly Facing the Death Penalty, Justifying the Motivations of the 1/6/21 Insurrectionists, etc.; Former Ron DeSantis Staffer and “Trump Acolyte” Scott Parkinson Declares Himself the Frontrunner in the Republican Primary to Take on Sen. Tim Kaine in 2024; Democratic Party of Virginia Statement On Former DeSantis Staffer’s Bid For U.S. Senate (“Scott Parkinson is a ‘Trump acolyte’ who ‘has railed against the Affordable Care Act and Virginians’ right to choose'”); etc.

Chuck Smith: VA Dems: Republican AG Candidate Jason Miyares “barely eked out a win against…all-out conspiracy theorist and Amanda Chase supporter” Chuck Smith; his platform says, “Protect Virginia’s 2nd Amendment rights ‘to keep and bear arms’,” “Protect ‘life from conception until natural death.’,” etc.

Jonathan Emord: His website says things like “Red flag laws, such as those adopted during Governor Ralph Northam’s administration, are among the most egregious violations of the Second Amendment.”; “Green New Deal advocates demand destruction of the fossil fuel backbone of the American economy on the road to socialism”; “Unequal justice reigns with Soros-backed prosecutors who leave criminals on the streets by refusing to prosecute and who wage war on the criminal justice system, leaving Americans at risk”; “We must make it a federal felony for anyone to aid or cause the transitioning of a person who is under the age of 18.”; “We must cut off all federal funding for states, school boards, and schools that adopt a curriculum that violates the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause by teaching CRT. “; “We must eliminate all federal, state, and local regulatory impediments to fossil fuel production in the United States to make gas affordable and bring down inflation.”; “We must never again allow government to second guess individual physicians in the treatment of emerging disease, and we must end all government mandated shut-downs, school closings, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and restrictions that prevent physicians from prescribing hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in the early treatment of COVID-19.”; “In all instances except those in which there is direct and irrefutable evidence of the commission of an assault and battery of police or national guard or of destruction of government property, those incarcerated in association with the January 6 protests at the Capitol should be granted amnesty and immediately released from prison.”; “Consistent with the plain and intended meaning of the Constitution, there is no federal constitutional right to abortion, as the Supreme Court correctly held in Dobbs.” etc.

Ronald Vitiello: On his website, he says things like “I can no longer stand by while our government and democrat politicians trample on our rights, fail to protect our sovereignty, fail to protect Americans, fail to educate our children, fail to uphold parental rights and fail to enforce the Constitution and the laws on the books.”; “Zealous politicians and biased media pushing extremism and identity politics have to be stopped.”; etc.

Kimberly Lowe: On her website, she says things like: “Election Integrity must be maintained and preserved from the bottom to the top.”; “Kimberly will protect your rights from religious freedom to medical freedom to parental rights to any and all Constitutional rights such as 2A rights.”; “The media has created extreme division and violence across our Country.”; etc.

Gwen Hickman: On her website, she actually sounds like a fairly sane, even somewhat “moderate” Republican(and yes, it’s all relative to extremist Trump Republicans these days). Which, of course, means that she has absolutely ZERO chance in this VA GOP U.S. Senate primary next year! LOL

Eddie Garcia: On his website, he also sounds like a fairly sane, even somewhat “moderate” Republican (and yes, it’s all relative to extremist Trump Republicans these days). Which, of course, means that he has absolutely ZERO chance in this VA GOP U.S. Senate primary next year! LOL


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