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Video: VA GOP Senate Candidate Hung Cao, Who Compared Abortion to the Atrocities of the Holocaust, Gets Heated When Asked About It

Cao: “Hey, why don’t you get out of my face, dude?”


You may recall that, back in July 2022, Hung Cao – then the VA10 GOP nominee for Congress – compared abortion to the atrocities of the Holocaust, saying:

“The Nazis did this. They’ll take Jewish babies and just take the legs and just smash the babies and kill them. You think that can’t happen in this country?’”

This is the same Hung Cao who recently launched a vicious, truly disgusting attack against Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA10), who is not running for reelection due to severe health problems, namely “a modified diagnosis of Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsy, type-p (PSP-P),” from which – according to Rep. Wexton – “there is no ‘getting better’.”  Tragic and horrible. Yet according to Hung Cao, “my bet is she’ll step down this January so that. … she will be fully vested with five years, and she would then again just live off of the pension from the U.S. Congress.” Cao further claimed that people like Rep. Wexton “are out for themselves.” WTF?

Disturbingly, these aren’t the first outrageous/extreme/unhinged comments Cao’s made – whether on abortion (if ever elected to the U.S. Senate, Cao would be a certain yes vote for a national abortion ban), the January 6th violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol (Cao sympathizes with the insurrectionists), LGBTQ youth (he’s very hostile), the climate crisis (he denies it/mocks it), etc.  So we shouldn’t be surprised at the latest from Cao, which you can watch below. Here’s how it went down:

Hung Cao?
Hung Cao:  Hey, what’s up?
“Hey, I was wondering if you regret comparing abortion to the Holocaust? Do you have any regrets on that?”
Hung Cao: “Hey, why don’t you get out of my face, dude.”
“I’m not in your face. What, are you getting mad?”
Hung Cao:  “No, not at all.”
“You’re a US Senate candidate.”
Hung Cao: “OK, that’s great.”
“You compared abortion to the Holocaust. What…”
Hung Cao: “What did exactly I say? I didn’t think — I think you need to get your quotes right.”
“I think you said that women —
Hung Cao: “No, that’s not what –”
“Taking advantage of reproductive health care.”
Hung Cao: “Nope”
“You compared them to Nazis — “
Hung Cao: “Nope”
“Murdering babies. Is that –“
Hung Cao: “That’s not what we said.”
“I believe that’s what you said. I did read the quote.”
Hung Cao: “Nope. You read it from a thing –”
“Do you regret that you weren’t more clear then?”
Hung Cao: “I think that I regret the fact that you can’t get the facts straight before you start filming people.”
“Well maybe you should be more careful as a US Senate candidate. So no regrets on that comment?”
Hung Cao: “I regret you don’t –”
“Comparing abortion to the Holocaust. You don’t regret that?”
Hung Cao: “Whatever.”
“How do you think that will play in Virginia?”


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