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BREAKING: Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA10) Endorses Senator Suhas Subramanyam to Succeed Her in Congress

Wexton says Subramanyam "will best continue my legacy of getting things done for Northern Virginians"


Huge – and somewhat surprising – news (see press release, below) in the VA10 Democratic primary, where the conventional wisdom had been that Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA10) either wouldn’t endorse anyone or would endorse either State Sen. Jennifer Boysko or former Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn. Anyway, the bottom line is that an endorsement from the HIGHLY popular incumbent in this large field is a very big deal, making State Sen. Suhas Subramanyam the odds-on frontrunner for this nomination on June 18th.

Incumbent Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton Endorses Senator Suhas Subramanyam for Congress

Wexton Calls Subramanyam “Hardworking, Principled, and Effective”

Endorsement Catapults Subramanyam as Frontrunner in June 18 Democratic Primary

Ashburn, VA – Today, Senator Suhas Subramanyam, Obama White House Alumnus and Candidate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District (VA-10), announced the endorsement of incumbent Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton.

Representative Wexton said the following about her endorsement of Senator Subramanyam for her Congressional seat:

“When I first ran for Congress, I did so with our community in mind. I’m proud to have worked with Democrats and Republicans to deliver for Virginia’s kids and families. Although I was not planning to retire so soon, life had other ideas. When I think about who will best continue my legacy of getting things done for Northern Virginians, I can think of no one who will do so better than State Senator Suhas Subramanyam. I believe Suhas is the leader for the future of the 10th District. He is a hardworking, principled, and effective legislator who has a long commitment to service, and is rooted right here in the heart of the district. From fighting for abortion rights and gun violence prevention to protecting our democracy, he has always taken on the tough battles in Richmond and won. I enthusiastically endorse Suhas for Congress, and I hope that he will earn your vote as well on or before June 18.”

Senator Subramanyam said the following about his endorsement by Representative Wexton:

“I am honored and excited to be endorsed by my long time mentor, friend, and Congresswoman, Jennifer Wexton. I was proud to support her when she first ran for Congress and when I was just an interested community member who wanted to fight for change. Over the years, we have learned and collaborated together  – and I’m proud to say that I’ve earned Jennifer’s support every single time I’ve stepped up to run for office. Like Jennifer, I’m a parent who is in public service to ensure we’re leaving a better Virginia for our kids. That’s why I’ve fought hard to deliver for our community and why I’ll continue to put their safety and rights first in Congress.”

Senator Subramanyam represents SD-31 in the Virginia Senate, making every one of his constituents also a constituent of Representative Wexton in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

Representative Wexton was first elected in 2018 after winning a competitive Democratic primary election and then defeating longtime Republican incumbent Barbara Comstock. Representative Wexton chose not to run for re-election in 2024 after being diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP).

Representative Wexton is the latest in several key endorsements for Senator Subramanyam, including Virginia Senate Majority Leader Scott Surovell (SD-34), Senator Russet Perry (SD-31), Virginia Senate President Pro Tempore Senator L. Louise Lucas (SD-18), Loudoun County Supervisor Laura Tekrony, and Loudoun County School Board Chair Melinda Mansfield. Senator Subramanyam is also supported by Asian American Action Fund and Indian American Impact Fund.


Senator Suhas Subramanyam has dedicated his life to public service as a State Senator, Obama White House advisor, Capitol Hill staffer, and as a Loudoun volunteer firefighter/EMT. In Richmond, he has worked across the aisle to pass gun violence prevention bills, protect democracy, and defend abortion rights. Senator Subramanyam is best positioned to keep VA-10 in Democratic hands because he represents more VA-10 constituents than any of the 16 primary election candidates, and he has consistently outperformed the Democratic ticket and delivered for his constituents. Suhas resides in Ashburn, Virginia (in VA-10) with his wife, Miranda, and their two daughters.


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